Bentley Continental GT3 concept: Paris 2012 | evo MOTOR SHOWS

Here’s the new rear-wheel-drive Bentley Continental GT3 concept, which is set to start racing next year. Full story here:

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29 thoughts on “Bentley Continental GT3 concept: Paris 2012 | evo MOTOR SHOWS

  1. FROOB202 says:

    Maybe the W12 is cheaper to produce due to being older and lower tech. I certainly hope the W12 is in it. Will provide a bit more variety to GT3.

  2. Ray Phillip says:

    Yoo noo this car is sick hands down

  3. EddieK0027 says:

    "It would be fairly epic." Hahahaha LOL. Epic is such a cliche word nowadays, don't car me wrong but until you tell me specs don't say "Epic", remove it from your vocabulary.

  4. durheimer wolfgang.
    i believe now audi will come up with maybe a new supercar perhaps, that guy really is an old testament.

  5. kalvaza says:

    Relatively internet savvy middle class is summed up pretty well with the repetition of the phrase "fairly epic".

  6. Andre Thais says:

    Dear Santa..

  7. John wong says:

    looks awesome

  8. Build it Bentley, its awesome!!!

  9. If Fat Bastard was a racing driver…

  10. Love the paint job…the green accent is great

  11. Jake says:

    I think the lack of indicators would be more of an issue.

  12. How the hell am I going to go over those speed bumps

  13. lordcoombs says:

    Thats the most important question, how light have they gotten it without all the trimmings.

  14. So it still has the cashmere headliner right?

  15. Um C says:

    looks great!

  16. dxutube says:

    Does it have an Alcantara-trimmed rollbar cosy?

  17. Carl Larsson says:

    But it's not for you to drive on the road, it's a GT3-car ffs :D

  18. TheMaloney says:

    I don't like it. Ok, it's better than a Mondeo but, I much prefer any of the previous versions. That wing, despite being possibly functional even though it's AWD, is horrendous. It has lost the class. Unless it's close to 2k kg or less it's pretty ridiculous compared to a normal GT or GTC. I would even go so far as to call it slightly chavvy.

  19. TheMaloney says:

    I don't like ot

  20. Petrol Talks says:

    what about the weight of it ? how much does it weigh ?

  21. Some on needs a serious hair cut lol

  22. Lazerus2008 says:

    Anyone else catch Mr Catchpole doing a spot of moonwalking then? Great car, but if it is to go racing, wouldnt it be better to use the V8?

  23. why not show it from every angle ?

  24. Even supermodels can run triathlon

  25. Runawaydu says:

    Yeah, epic is the word !

  26. StewMM says:

    This needs to be in the Britcar 24hr.

  27. Built it; It looks the bomb…..

  28. jfgwapo says:

    Need for Speed: Millionaire's style.

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