Best New Off-Road Attributes of the New Jeep JL – Dirt Every Day Extra

On this episode of Dirt Every Day Extra, Fred Williams interviews Jeep specialist Tony Carvallo and gets him to explain his four favorite 4×4 attributes of the new Jeep JL Wrangler.

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  1. Post By Russian Bot

    Wrangler JL is nice, but will be like Land Rovers, 3rd owner of vehicle will actually off road it.

  2. Post By Cody C

    You hear that it has better doors and windows for off road!!!! No way! Tj was the last of the jeeps

  3. Post By Pooshooter5k

    But still only 3500lbs towing

  4. Post By Rick Harris

    My 2007 BMW X5 has a ZF transmission!  I love it!

  5. Post By christian mooney

    Invest west club loan shuttle discrimination norm previous toward.

  6. Post By Benton Addison

    Awful, awful interview.

  7. Post By Brijesh Mandanna

    Hi..Fred .. thanks for bringing Tony here.He had a dream job.. keep bringing him to the's always nice to hear from a Jeep specialist.. especially if it's is a personal fav other than YJ

  8. Post By Lifted_Above

    Jeep reliability? no.

  9. Post By Aaron Scott

    Cool coat fred!

  10. Post By Elise Pauwels

    Fifty her succeed invitation automobile favorite growth false anxious end real workshop reservation

  11. Post By GSR.Rescue assistance

    Damn near died of boredom watching this lame-ass shit

  12. Post By 4gasem

    I've had two of the ZF's now.  #1 in my 2013 RAM and #2 in my 2017 Durango and I LOVE IT!

  13. Post By Q Stew

    People keep hating on MT and MTOD. I don't like Starbucks, cigarettes, hookers, Toyotas or liberals. So guess what I don't buy em, support em, or hang out with em. If u don't like what they are doing FUCK OFF. No one cares

  14. Post By wweridered

    Tony looks like a white Paul Mooney.

  15. Post By Ru Tec

    Nothing about the motors?

  16. Post By Hillrod films

    new jeep sounds like junk

  17. Post By Recommended for you

    I thought Tony was Nicolas Cage when I saw the thumbnail…

  18. Post By Steve Kay

    Jeep never stops to amaze me… they have slowly been ripping off Land Rover technology for the past 20 years. Everything from the brake actuated traction control to the ‘new’ ZF transmission. You could get all of this and more from a 1998/99 Land Rover for a lot less new than a wrangler. Also leather seats and a V8 came standard lol

  19. Post By MasterMoparMan

    Hey Tony why won't I be able to get the 2 door with the diesel and a manual?

  20. Post By wcjeep

    Is the ZF transmission reliable?

  21. Post By Wally Fronzaglio

    Fiat chrysler is bullshit some of the improvements should have been done to the jk over the years their assholes

  22. Post By TheCamaro5

    they need 2.8L cummins. they need a hemi option.

  23. Post By Spencer Human

    We need a turbodiesel FJ in the US market

  24. Post By James Wisrik

    More tech. More issues with jeep. Capable, NOT RELIABLE

  25. Post By Yalvan 88

    The JL sucks Tony sorry. HOWEVER, If anyone is interested in seeing a brand new JL decked out with tons of accessories to "go offroad" just cruise around a mall nearest you!!!

  26. Post By Greiguci Wootchie

    2l engine? bullshit.

  27. Post By tanglediver

    Cold much?

  28. Post By InsertFlashyName

    I feel sorry for people that PAY for content like this. Garbage A/V sync

  29. Post By Biggjon Biggjon

    just get the Chevy Colorado so much better and you can get diesel

  30. Post By Star Kicker

    lots of fire in the comments. seasons tend to come in…seasonal patterns. also costs a lot to build a new truck every week lol

  31. Post By fourbypete

    I wouldn't mind that ZF gearbox in my 07 diesel JKU. I'm so tired of flying down the highway looking for 7th and 8th gear.

  32. Post By carlos caro

    This dude is painful to watch lmao "lets get warm"

  33. Post By Art M

    You guys keep whining about jks. Get over it. If you don't like them then don't buy one. It's really that simple.

  34. Post By TiresBiggerThanTexas

    JK, JL are a POS I’ll stick with my stretched XJ caged out on 37s.

  35. Post By Timothy Joyce

    Jeep JL Audio

  36. Post By ChrisHallett83

    C'mon Dave, we know you eat, breathe, and shit Jeeps. But this is straight up just an advert for Jeep.

  37. Post By Jason Coleman

    Either this dude is friggin clueless of what the Jeep actually has installed and just says what he sees. I LOVE LAMP! Or this Jeep is just another Jeep that can't be talked up because it's the same thing it's always been.

  38. Post By billiondollardan

    It's disappointing to see all the negative comments here. It's a dang nice Jeep and the video is good

  39. Post By Jack Jackson

    Fred the kind of guy to wear a land rover jacket while interviewing a jeep guy.

  40. Post By livin lite

    Do you remember the first time you turned on the wipers in a jeep? It's a jeep thing.

  41. Post By Royaleah

    Well I used to enjoy your youtube channel, but now it has just became ads for MTOD. Good luck with that, but I am unsubbing from this channel now as it has just became a waste of time.

  42. Post By das hasguns

    30 sec ad is b.s. skipping these "extras" for now on.

  43. Post By Seth Page

    If the windshield is taken off, will the windshield washer squirters still work?

  44. Post By Dee-Bee Kooper

    Well at least it'll FINALLY get a diesel and it sounds better then the laughably awful J(o)K(e) but its still got a mini-van motor for the gasser… I just wish Toyota would get on board and build the Jeep destroying rig they're capable of… Toyota 4wd > Jeep anything.

  45. Post By brett fausone

    so keep ur jk n buy a set of rims n tires lol

  46. Post By MrPlanecaptain

    Land Rover jacket!

  47. Post By jdwelborn

    so good that it needs modified….

  48. Post By Michael C

    Chrysler Transmisisons. Enough said, we know how these turn out

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