Best of the rest at Frankfurt | evo MOTOR SHOWS

We round up the remaining cars of Frankfurt – most of which appear to be SUVs…


  1. Post By Eric B

    These mansory cars……. Unbelivably ugly, no style.

  2. Post By Gerardo Salas

    SUVs are ugly

  3. Post By Ross Campbell

    Whats the point in disabling comments on your sponsored videos, If the reception is going to be bad then why bother? making reference to your following two videos after this one, because obviously the comments are disabled…

  4. Post By Audiwan Kenobi

    Another new video that's sponsored!?…comments and ratings have been deactivated!…why,Why,WHY!?…I hope that your subscription numbers drop,maybe then you all will see the folly in blocking social media.

  5. Post By alexander1485

    i didn't like any of those vehicles….

  6. Post By Audiwan Kenobi

    I just want to say that it is totally uncool that Evo deactivated the comments and ratings for the newest Volvo video….If it was done because Volvo can't take the social media heat then they should get their (cusses) out the kitchen.

  7. Post By Priscarlo Tucker

    doube take at 5:59 O.o

  8. Post By Cameron Harms

    Who cares about that Roles Royce? It's a Roles Royce. It is just an overly expensive, overly extravagant car. If anything, Mansory made it look 10x better

  9. Post By Peter Mazzei

    Where is EVO?!?!?!

  10. Post By Tom Wanks


  11. Post By dtofq

    Love the missing headlight washer cover @1:50

  12. Post By tuononno92

    Great video, the bit about the X1 had me laughing!

  13. Post By RVINDVNCE

    2:02 girl in wrong size shoes, walks funny)4:00 girl in red, noice4:30 koreans everywhere4:36 legs legs legs sigh5:53 bra sigh5:57 legs legs legs

  14. Post By aneebaba06

    Yeah, I think Henry has a nice attitude, sly humor and easy going personality – enjoyable videos.

  15. Post By DBGMLV

    Neither Aston Martin, nor Pagani, nor Koenigsegg were at the Frankfurt Motor Show. I was kind of let down actually.

  16. Post By karl sumner

    I thought the hand sign reminded me of that coffee advert…you know the one. I thought Henry was in there. It must be incredibly exhausting trying to cover as much as they have here. I like Henry's style on camera too, makes me smile.

  17. Post By Pez

    4:37 AHAHHAShe is likeThey made me stand here at the Ssangyong stand….. SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  18. Post By Bruno Danese

    Mazda can make any type of car look amazing. Be it SUV, roadster, hatch.Definitely the leading Japanese brand at the moment

  19. Post By taylor wagneers

    fix the camera settings, its really dark

  20. Post By Russell Robinson

    to many damn suv-things

  21. Post By shaft9000

    Excellent reporting of a hideous show.

  22. Post By Tom Colton

    Henry seems to have developed his owns style here and I like it :)

  23. Post By Griffin Sheh

    BMW M6 GT3?!?!?!?!

  24. Post By Alfie Hankins

    I really don't like Mansory, especially the F12 Berlinetta they ruined.

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