/BIG MUSCLE Dubai: ’68 Sand Bullitt

Who knew that a great tribute to the hero car in “Bullitt” -a 1968 Mustang fastback- would be in DUBAI? Burnouts. Camels. Oh yes.

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  1. eric heine says:

    According to Hot Rod Legend Steve McQueen had the 68 Corvette motor and 4-speed put in the 68 Mustang for the stunts.
    A friend of mine saw the car with the Chevy small block in one of the Mustangs on the set. The effort was to make the car lighter, with more horsepower and better shifting.

  2. Damn, what does the paint look like after being sand-blasted every time it gets driven? Probably not driven very often?

  3. ICONIC CAR !!!!

  4. Mike E. says:

    I loved it great video.It would be nice to see you do the same with The RollingStones Mustang that Kristen Stewart drove and tell us its build.

  5. Cool Video !!!! Keep it Up !!!

  6. 4:45 What we all came here to see.

  7. Sounds like the soundtrack! Awesome ☺

  8. Mike Hall says:

    "We all speak automobile – We all speak hot rod"
    Damn right!

  9. dart swinger says:

    nooo bring it back to america. they have their exotics we keep our muscle cars. bring it back

  10. 46dc9er says:

    This guy that does this show seems like a good person but he has absolutely no charisma

  11. Dude the guy Khalid was the one who owns the Desert Bullet and was driving his other driver, the red Ford, and you deleted it from your video. The owner of the Mustang and the owner of the red truck is the same guy.

  12. Hi. Came to Brazil – San Panblo, to drive a real Bullit with 390 engine and sign by Chas McQueen…. it will be my pleasure…

  13. courier11sec says:

    Steering rack?
    Converted to R&P?

  14. bob bobo says:

    That stoker sounds 100% amazing, really sounds like a 390 strangely enough. Love he used a stoked Ford mill and not a SB Chevy which would be sacrilege. Injection,modern ignition and modern tranny plus old school pushrod V-8's is a damn good combination. 67 and 68 fastback is one of the most beautiful bodies ever devised by man in my opinion. Im glad he didnt muck it up with wide body or de chroming it. This build is just right, well done.

  15. And it's not ls powered

  16. BennysBenz says:

    If you guys could go to Iran their are so many great muscle cars! Specially GMs pre 1979 Chevy build cars in Iran under the Chevy-Iran name plate. Obviously this is a pipe dream for drive to go and film cars there right now.

  17. favian Nunez says:

    Idkw this reminds me of redeadredemption 2

  18. kitkat_boy says:

    this place is CRAZY.

  19. Well at least they appear to be Ford people lol!

  20. Dino Kulalic says:

    next video, we need round about's….

  21. MLP-Hot-Rod says:

    Steve's son Chad said in a recent interview that the car they used in the film had a 427 swapped into it. Nice!

  22. Only with 68 Mustang you can feel the road

  23. ewwww its open diff

  24. Luis Guevara says:

    Nooo that car should be brought back.

  25. Itchiray N says:

    This is great. Great shots of a great car, and not overhyped. Just cool drivin in the hot sand….doing some Detroit diplomacy. Good to see on all levels. Like the message. That car does have a great stance too. Nice job fellas.

  26. what did he said is the color of the car on 0:53? Dark what green?highland?

  27. Red Hybrid says:

    how can you go to uae and not drive the 1995 generation nissan patrol……

  28. farexynex says:

    you guys were in sharjah near fujairah in UAE

  29. secretpolice says:

    If these year of cars cannot perform properly due to the heat then what can be done to make it reliable in the heat? Yea i understand it gets STUPID hot up in the middle east but what about So cal and the likes?

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