BMW 1M Review- eCOTY 2011

Chris Harris reviews the evo cars of the year


  1. Post By Ian Townsend

    Love this car so much than the V8 M3

  2. Post By milzy83

    From someone who hasn't owned either!!!

  3. Post By Nick L

    no it doesnt

  4. Post By milzy83

    Hey, can you do a ttrs plus review? I'm sure it's deserves it like the 1m.

  5. Post By LOGIC42369

    is there a longer review on this by CH?

  6. Post By 伍錦達

    Can do it aaall day!

  7. Post By Rick El

    it's certainly the car of the years 2011!!

  8. Post By DommyWobbler

    thanks my chicken

  9. Post By t1000eg

    thats my girl

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