BMW 1M Review- eCOTY 2011

Chris Harris reviews the evo cars of the year

9 thoughts on “BMW 1M Review- eCOTY 2011

  1. Ian Townsend says:

    Love this car so much than the V8 M3

  2. milzy83 says:

    From someone who hasn't owned either!!!

  3. Nick L says:

    no it doesnt

  4. milzy83 says:

    Hey, can you do a ttrs plus review? I'm sure it's deserves it like the 1m.

  5. LOGIC42369 says:

    is there a longer review on this by CH?

  6. 伍錦達 says:

    Can do it aaall day!

  7. Rick El says:

    it's certainly the car of the years 2011!!

  8. DommyWobbler says:

    thanks my chicken

  9. t1000eg says:

    thats my girl

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