BMW, Ariel Atom and Formula 3000: One Fast Day – Carfection

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Before Henry joined the team Drew took Charlie out to the track for a challenge in some pretty fast cars.

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  1. Post By SMN BOYO

    your fatter thats y

  2. Post By hawkinsrod

    hes faster because he is use to driving karts, which is much more similar racecraft to an open wheel/open cockpit car than any supercar roadcar.

  3. Post By pSyk

    God, these instructors talk waaay too much!

  4. Post By 0YouCanCallMeAl0

    Yeah this just confirms it – wearing two watches makes you a shitty driver.

  5. Post By Amadou Beye

    you guys been putting out some lame reviews lately

  6. Post By theharesbreath

    Comb your damn hair, man!

  7. Post By rockervdrive

    Damn, what a fun day that must have been.

  8. Post By DocWolph

    He was faster because he hadn't developed any bad habits to slow him down yet.

  9. Post By jonathan grant

    corner cutting Drew

  10. Post By Stephen Rose

    Cool vid folks

  11. Post By Jules Darthos

    This was brilliant!! I love when you take driving lessons, so much fun!

  12. Post By ianiva

    Is that James Calado's brother? He may be a great driver and a great guy but having his name plastered all over the visor is so daft. Anyway, very nice video!

  13. Post By Ben Critchley

    I'm sorry but I really can't get on with the new presenter, it's really quite distracting.

  14. Post By Oscar Lee

    I know this is irrelevant, but Drew's accent is so annoying.

  15. Post By Nitin Kumar

    Where is chester bennigton? He should've also participated.

  16. Post By Antonio Dias

    This is the reason I don't like to rent track day cars. These MfS don't shut up

  17. Post By Sunyata

    Track rule #1: "There is always someone faster than you."Leave the ego at home. Just do your best. There's nothing else to do. :-)

  18. Post By Greco Conduris

    Seems like Charlie might have to get out from behind the camera now

  19. Post By biocybernaut

    Intermittent fasting will kill the gut and those man boobs.

  20. Post By biocybernaut

    You don't drive a race car without gloves.

  21. Post By Richard Ramirez

    lol the rock at 7:48

  22. Post By Wael waleed

    great <<< thing !

  23. Post By simon lloyd


  24. Post By Gjarllarhorn

    we need a race with Henry, Drew and Alex :D

  25. Post By schumiisking

    these guys are miles off the pace…………1.15-1.16's are respectable times in the F3000's……..

  26. Post By schumiisking

    how is he seeing through his helmet wtf??? 6:38

  27. Post By Akshay Mudbidri

    Brilliant video guys!

  28. Post By Adam Khan

    Thats NOT an F3000 car I can assure you.

  29. Post By Ed

    Can the instructor see much with 'Calado' across the front of his otherwise black visor?

  30. Post By Rehaans Car Info

    Palmer sport Will the car crash itself

  31. Post By leonardoefendi

    wait, where is the bald guy? i like his review

  32. Post By Hoonigan X

    I like tities

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