A quick test of the BMW X6M at Thunderhill Raceway Park in Willows, CA. The Drive’s chief auto critic, Lawrence Ulrich.


  1. Post By thedownshiftchannel

    The best way to describe the X6M is insane. Nobody expects an SUV to perform like this, acceleration, braking and handling. It's an impressive achievement from BMW but as you say the fuel consumption could be difficult to live with!

  2. Post By Jack Black

    0-100 3.9?? don’t think

  3. Post By aaron alston

    "This is an OPEC favorite" actually made me laugh

  4. Post By London Christien

    Sport SUV's like the X6M are the sports cars of the future. All the sport of a traditional sports car with all the daily utility of an SUV! I love them…

  5. Post By Joshi Sikha

    One of the ugliest cars out there!!

  6. Post By dapz325

    This guy has jokes, had me cracking up.

  7. Post By ChaosphereIX

    One of the most useless vehicles ever made. It, and all of the idiotic machines like it in the segment, should be burned with fire.

  8. Post By Adam Waxberg

    Does anyone know the music that's playing? I could see myself adding it to my running-playlist. Thanks!

  9. Post By Machine Spirit Miami

    My God those roads look so good, where is that? It says in the description it's at Thunderhill Raceway but it looks like public roads? Love the car too, but I noticed the wheels/tires seem pretty thin for such a heavy powerful car?Also regarding the mpg, my E92 M3 can barely muster 12mpg and it doesn't have anywhere near the power or weight of this suv :(

  10. Post By Thomas Reakes

    I don't like the way he speaks.

  11. Post By odirile nkwe

    Does it weigh more or less than the previous version.

  12. Post By Chris

    "berlin sex toy"~ lol

  13. Post By Landau Lang

    Had to stop watching after the 17th lame metaphor/analogy…. wow.

  14. Post By Richard Salamack

    Very good video.great commentator

  15. Post By Joel Davison

    The best way to describe the X6M is fugly.

  16. Post By emilio blanco

    "opec favorite"lol

  17. Post By ashrafc

    I don't know what's uglier, this one or the GLE. I'll stick to sport sedans thanku

  18. Post By ReallyFilthyToad

    Among the ugliest cars ever made.

  19. Post By Lord of the Jungle

    To much hate on this video. I liked it and fit someone who doesn't want overly long drawn out videos ask the time this was epic

  20. Post By Vince Wei

    Since you brought up Louis CK, then let me quote him in order to respond to this video, "you just feel kind of satisfied with your product, and then you die."

  21. Post By Ahsan Uddin

    Mock "enthusiasts" that hate this car when in reality we only hate it because it's ugly beyond belief, and complain about gas mileage on an M car. This journalist is the definition of 0 credibility.

  22. Post By Dave Williams

    This guy has the definition of a punchable face. Him and Ted Cruz

  23. Post By Ernest Wu

    Submit straight when will humor full-time boss.

  24. Post By Siddhant Soni

    but does it play crysis?

  25. Post By Elijah Butler

    Hey man am trying to get in touch with to ask is a good idea to put a 502 deluxe crate engine in a 67 impala 4 door

  26. Post By mickvk

    I have the cayenne turbo. First porsche. A shattered dream. Terrible dealer experience, the air ride is poor and has had reliability issues. Eats tires like oprah at a buffet. Consumes a quart of oil every 4000 miles. Consume radiator fluid, have to top that a couple times a year. Audio jumps to max intermittently for no good reason. The interior lights sometimes don't work. The nav screen sometimes goes out. Dealer wont address many problems because I got a remote starter that the DEALER arranged. So aggravated with Porsche.

  27. Post By goofernator

    if you have money to buy this car, why not go for Tesla Model X?

  28. Post By Anton Špalek

    … flatter than a marines haircut :D :D :D This WHOLE review is flatter than a marines haircut !!! :D :D

  29. Post By Brendan Rinaldo

    when u r stupid don't try so hard to look smart, it makes u looks even more idiotic

  30. Post By markevens

    This isn't a car review in the least. Stop with this bullshit before I unsubscribe.

  31. Post By pwoodson21

    "2.5 Tons of Big booty fun, and were gonna spank it right now" "Berlin sex toy or something" Well, No hiding whats on his mind when hopping in the BMW

  32. Post By RyanQuattroS1


  33. Post By Nick Amarit

    The engine is awesome. Stick this engine in a 4-Series chassis paired with a manual transmission and a mechanical LSD.

  34. Post By Bob jones

    how do you call something an SUV when it does not have a tow package?

  35. Post By tim

    hideous vehicle, why would you want this over a gls and a brand new sports car for the same price

  36. Post By cristiandemirel1918

    Is this all you guys at DRIVE could do for your 1.7 million subscribers, a review of car for posers!?

  37. Post By Timothy Stumpf

    This guy is almost as bad at reviewing cars as the X6 is at being a thing… seriously. this guy feels like more of an actor than an automotive journalist.

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