Boatkill! The Muscle Truck-to-Boat Extreme LS Engine Swap! – Roadkill Ep. 36

On this episode of Roadkill, the boys are back to kick off Season 4 with their most epic engine swap to date! This time Finnegan and Freiburger drag an old Rogers Bonneville jet boat to a local Southern California lake behind the Muscle Truck, a lowered 1974 Chevrolet C10 pickup that’s powered by a Chevrolet Performance LS6 crate engine. Once at the lake, they proceed to remove the engine from the truck and install it into the boat, hoping to do a little drag racing during the Tom Papp Memorial boating event. As usual things don’t go as planned but the guys still manage to have fun involving an outhouse, shower curtains, scummy water and a trailer hitch. Oh yeah, did we mention that after going boating Finnegan and Freiburger still had to take the engine back out of the boat and re-install it into the truck to get home?  

Roadkill appears on the Motor Trend channel.

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  1. Post By P08 - 1911

    The one time they were remotely close to being on time.

  2. Post By RotaryKidVideos

    I’m not a big boat fan but I loves this boat

  3. Post By uncreativename

    "self clearance" I'm adding this to my vocabulary.

  4. Post By Sudipta Palit


  5. Post By 94bluedime

    Window cranks are cheaper than Chinese clamp pliers. A removal tool is even cheaper if you wanna steal them from another window crank vehicle. Most will work regardless of year.

  6. Post By Joel Lindqvist

    Wait. Are they writing on a paper istead of a plank or directly on the car at 3:22? Or am i just hallucinating?

  7. Post By Kempire

    They have some crazy premises for these show but in the end these are some talented guys. The fact that they can bring these forgotten vehicles back from the dead in the timeframes that they do it is nothing short of impressive. I recently discovered this show and have been on a marathon since. Totally inspired to go make something fun. Thanks for putting these online for everyone to enjoy and keep it up.

  8. Post By kaiscott98

    A zip tied shower curtain cape? not sure if thats the best or worst use of a ziptie ever…

  9. Post By bishop2355

    The music at 21:25 anyone have any info on it?

  10. Post By Hayden's volges Jacobs


  11. Post By Rutger Schaadt

    So I have a 79 Tahiti with a 454 big block chevy and it isn't getting water to the headers. Can anyone tell me why that is

  12. Post By Joe Cruze

    Great video!! I Remember watching this when you first posted it, still enjoying it!!

  13. Post By Sean Kallas

    The doggo is so cuuuute!

  14. Post By Jorge Hernandez

    fuck ya. i like what you said…ur doing it because ..YOU CAN

  15. Post By Jorge Hernandez

    i like the window opener

  16. Post By little mackey


  17. Post By Fuck Me

    Wait how did u guys tow the boat when the truck had no engine

  18. Post By Raymond Le

    You guys are the best

  19. Post By Aurass Joody

    at 6:16 i like it so much the music!!! can i know the name ???????

  20. Post By Aurass Joody

    at 6:16 i like it so much the music!!! can i know the name ???????

  21. Post By Raymond Le

    Nice work

  22. Post By pancho Thisssen

    Why does Dave all ways whare flip flops

  23. Post By pancho Thisssen

    Finagins dog looks like rosy fgteevs dog coool

  24. Post By Ron Cook

    do a f150 truck in mud

  25. Post By Walker Shippy

    Who else watches all the ads on roadkill so they can keep the show free?

  26. Post By Bill Denton


  27. Post By Monica Cordero

    you guys are awesome

  28. Post By Justin Bowman

    So I got my first car a 2003 Chevy cavalier 2.2l ecotec an I need to put battery terminals in it to start it to see what is rong with it even tho there is oil in the intake manifold so Im Shure it needs a new engine to get a new engine I want to make is a dirt track car any tips?

  29. Post By NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes

    what is the point of the toilet in the water ? do they think that a humans piss or shit is going to contaminate it more than those boats?

  30. Post By Marcus Setchay

    Why do they say the truck has no brakes in like every episode

  31. Post By Dylan Gilbert

    6:00 is beer time

  32. Post By TheGoldenKnife

    I live in lake elsinore and I saw these guys there at the lake and again when they were leaving

  33. Post By lastfanstanding999

    hey, could you guys do that with a vw and a jet-sky…??? lol

  34. Post By Mathis Pauwels

    Priority association conference diverse creation reject tackle hair pump myself earnings force.

  35. Post By Andy Brewer

    Epic! You guys are awesome!

  36. Post By chris hany

    The seagull pooped at 10:06

  37. Post By Skeefoo Panama

    But Why?

  38. Post By Wandering Metalguy

    jeeeeeesus that ls6 looks beat. who knew, even an ls6 cant withstand the roadkill guys

  39. Post By Love Dogs

    I want one of those boats

  40. Post By Ryan Poulin

    its crazy how the police isnt bothering you much, lol driving a car on the hwy thats ready to fall apartt xD love it

  41. Post By The Dudeprime

    I wanna see them do this with an LS9 now

  42. Post By Cole Scott


  43. Post By Michael Hopp

    Just discovered this show a few days ago, and my god it's the best thing I've come across in a long while. I don't think I've ever been sitting and saying "Oh god…" and chuckling as much as I have the past few nights. Truly great stuff.

  44. Post By meganspecv

    This is absolutely absurd- and that's why it's Roadkill :)

  45. Post By Jake Macia

    They actually get in the water at 22:23

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