Budget Supercars Part 1 – Top Gear – BBC

Part 1 of 4: Jeremy, Richard and James are challenged to each buy a supercar for less than £10,000 and drive them from Bristol to Slough. But will any of their clapped out motors actually make it there?

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  1. Post By Marcus Sanchez

    what are the equivalents of these cars today? Like would Hammond's Ferrari be considered a Lusso or a 360?

  2. Post By Shel Boss

    They blew it by not including a DeTomaso Pantera. Typical Jeremy ridiculous; shies away from honest to goodness V8s. A Porsche 914 is notably absent as well. Not sure what the point of limiting to Italian cars; a Corvette would spice it up too.

  3. Post By Flavius Petrus Sabbatius Iustinianus Augustus

    Classic Top Gear quality fun.

  4. Post By Overcast Friday

    I am alarmed when I hear modern journalists complain about a lack of gee whiz gadgets on the new cars. If this is how technically ambitious cars hold up to 4 decades, I hate to see how today's will do 40 years from now. Rear view cameras, dynamic suspension…all that crap will be broke. Admittedly, build quality today is better than say, the era of the AM Lagonda, but all gadgets will break — it might just take an extra 60k miles.

  5. Post By Kyle Netherwood

    The rest of Jeremy's car is worth £-3000

  6. Post By Dave Here

    It's hard to believe a modern diesel could happily eat any one of those now

  7. Post By locked in the eighties

    That Lambo is so pretty I'd buy one and park it outside my house… mainly because it probably won't start anyway…

  8. Post By SpaceVan

    6:29 GTA 2 music?

  9. Post By Charles

    Anybody know what the music at 0:56 is?

  10. Post By FBMJ

    Mannn, looking back what they done? This car today are really colectibles, if they just store them instead of destroid them they could get good money…

  11. Post By Spectre 44

    I like how so much of the music is in all of the Quentin Tarantino films.

  12. Post By Doctor Pisson

    Why the laugh at the introduction on the mention of Bristol? (Non POM here)

  13. Post By Ashmeister559

    0 to60 in 6 seconds lol the bloodhound 0 to 200 in 8 seconds hmmmmm

  14. Post By Matthew Dearden

    Why does Jeremy laugh at the start when they are introducing the challenge

  15. Post By mr.Rager

    i've never liked top gears talk show part.

  16. Post By Buffoon1980

    Despite everything, I do really like these cars. They're very much a product of their time, but they've retained a lot of their appeal.

  17. Post By Starkid 1236

    Wait what's the Lamborghini called?

  18. Post By Robert Mitchell

    Those are different cars?

  19. Post By Lyndon Abul Jr

    when you watch Jurassic Park"hey guys i got a Ferrari dino"

  20. Post By Pedro Silva

    This is my favourite of all challenges to be honest

  21. Post By VCMA

    myvdads account

  22. Post By VCMA


  23. Post By Sarthak Chauhan

    Back when Top gear was Gold ;) … innit?

  24. Post By UltRra Rageous

    Where's the Lamborghini Murria?

  25. Post By bowlofarthritus

    I've really tried to watch the show with Chris Harris, gave it a fair shot. I'm sorry, it's just not interesting. These 3 were like a spaghetti dinner, with meatballs and hot peppers added to a chunky meatsauce…. Harris offers watered down Ragu sauce on store brand angel hair.

  26. Post By Jasper

    What's the name of the music at 0:56?

  27. Post By kjparlay

    Possibly the funniest moment in the history of the show is when James pulls up in a lorry carrying his broken down car, struts over to the other two and condescendingly says, "Is that the best you two can come up with?"

  28. Post By Mustafa Manna

    Why were they laughing at 0:28 ?

  29. Post By Abstract Note

    There's a fly in James car!

  30. Post By blackmetalofnorway1

    I do wonder where that Uraco is today

  31. Post By Mark Mucedola

    please people,can someone tell me what is the song when Jeremy come in with the merak?? please please help me

  32. Post By Jasper

    song? 0:40

  33. Post By TobNess

    They all look the same

  34. Post By timwins31

    Does Hammond not own a clothes iron? Jesus.

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