Cadillac ATS Review – One Take

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The new Cadillac ATS has been lavished with praise by the motoring press. And that’s because, when you’re a journalist, the ATS offers pretty much everything you’re looking for from a sport sedan. But what about from the customer’s perspective? Does the ATS offer what I’m looking for if I’m a buyer of a luxury sedan? We explore that question, in one take.

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50 thoughts on “Cadillac ATS Review – One Take

  1. Took my 2.0t ATS on its first road trip, whole fam, luggage and everything and even with all that weight it goes uphill for miles EFFORTLESSLY! Credits to Diablo Sport Tuner as well.

  2. The interior really isn't worse than it's competitors, It's way better. It has real aluminum or carbon fiber interior accents, awesome leather dash, high res center info screen, great nav, and a heads up display! The black and high gloss screen are hard to keep clean but I just wipe mine down occasionally.

    What do the competitors offer? Orange dot matrix displays – what year is it? Clunky cheesey sliding gauge – that performance mode does nothing unlike the MRC in the ATS. Small low resolution dim navigation screen or one that looks like it's stuck to the dash with a $19.99 mount.

    It's not boring to drive around the city, it's comfortable on the commute. Yet at the same time has the driving dynamics you describe. To me that's a phenomenal quality.

    It truly saddens me that these cars were unsuccessful and now many will not get to experience them.

  3. NickT says:

    Best car in the class to purchase used.

  4. An honest evaluation of this car. I did appreciate it. Congratulations. If GM upgrades the materials of those gadgets, the car will be perfect. Everyone person that tests the ATS gets pretty impressed with its handling quality.

  5. Saul M says:

    Matt I love you but funny thing is you bought a fiesta st those cars interior disintegrates as you touch them before 10k miles lol

  6. I did not like this review at all it kind of frustrated me how he was criticizing the ats so much

  7. ApexAZnn says:

    what would be your choice ? manual 2.0 liter turbo or automatic v6?

  8. Casey Klein says:

    Gees what a bitch

  9. Went back in time and found the very first One Take. Nice buddy.

  10. Never seen 3.6 ats rental car or other in this class

  11. RS1 says:

    I'm considering a 2.0t 6spd manual sedan. but the lack of rear leg room seems like a deal breaker. I'm thinking the problem with cue is most of the people who review cars are old and probably don't like touchscreen anything. with that being said I like the layout in the regal gs better as it does keep some buttons.

  12. Andy Grove says:

    Everyday driver is way more informative. Your videos too much bitching. U need to more information and have someone else to give their opinion on the car. You suck

  13. Conner M says:

    This guy has terrible taste. CUE system is great, buttons take a little getting used to but nothing to complain about, the controls on the steering wheel are great, and I honestly love the gauges.

  14. Aequanimitus says:

    It's 2:13am as I was browsing through YouTube before drifting back to
    sleep… Then I came upon an ATS video I hadn't seen before. My jaw
    dropped at the absurdity of this video. Before purchasing my ATS 3.6
    Premium AWD 3 weeks ago, I test drove a 2014 Audi A6 Premium AWD V6(I
    forget if it was supercharged or turbocharged) and a 2014 BMW 528i
    X(AWD). BMW's have always been the cars I loved and respected. But with being a what's better is better type of guy I couldn't deny the Audi due to it's perceived quality, interior design and being the faster of the two. So I was sold!… on the Audi until I seen the ATS and it made me recall the video series Cadillac did about ALL the engineering talent that went into making the ATS great… So I told the sales person at CARMAX that I'd like to drive the ATS before doing the paperwork on the A6. I started by looking and feeling around the cabin of the ATS… I was astonished! It was as well padded with soft touch points as the BMW and though different it was as aesthetically pleasing in my eyes as the Audi. We set out on the same course as before with the other cars. Main road full throttle WOW(It's hard to put into words what many Great videos of this car's acceleration is like!!!) I couldn't believe this was a V6!!! Over the same bumps I couldn't believe that the same sharp bumps that made the Audi have a "harsh" time felt like rolling over sticks of warm butter in the ATS! but the BMW was still smoother. And the handling was Go-Cart like! Between the vette-like pin you in you seat acceleration, Laser precision steering/handling, smooth ride and Beautiful cabin. I was SOLD on the ATS! Driving it home made me SO proud to be an American because we no longer can only build the most advanced stealth fighter jets we now can build some of the best cars and SUVs as well!

  15. MagnumPI4 says:

    I just bought my ATS a few days ago and I honestly can't understand why everyone is bitching about the cue system. Maybe it's just older folks (I am 24), but I got use to the CUE system after a day of ownership. Really like how it works and I hope they build upon the platform. Love the ATS, I tested an A4 and a couple three series BMW's. They just weren't doing it for me in the looks department (and I've heard about some QC issues). The ATS checks all the boxes, AWD for the winter, peppy 2.0T engine, awesome Bose sound system, quick in a straight line and around corners, and it is extremely pretty in my opinion. Absolutely in love with this car and love learning new things about it every day.

  16. it sounds like a nice rental car right after saying the v6 sounds like a spoon in a garbage disposal….. this guys review was automatically invalid for me right there lmao

  17. FUTURE MIKE says:

    I was enjoying this video until you killed baby squirrel lol awesome review.

  18. Ramod Tillis says:

    I'm so tired of people riding the German cars you know what. I had a BMW 5 series good performance car but shitty reliability after 50k miles I needed a A/C compressor, like really? My Audi A6, I can't lie was an all around good car I have to give props. My Lexus GS drives smooth and my Cadillac ATS 2.0T is by far better than all of them hands down. I will never buy BMW again.

  19. The sound of the V6 is not bad at all to me. But hey, to each his own.

  20. Ed Y. says:

    a squirrel was harmed in the making of this video

  21. nezerac says:

    You're pretty harsh on cadillac matt. Don't know why because you're obviously a GM guy.

  22. Alexiia Borg says:

    ATS in Europe though…all matt says was nearly spot on'.. quality next to m3 is years back. great drive. shit in bad weather.

  23. Test out the atsv???

  24. Alec D. says:

    It's a shame they went cheap on the interior. I really wanted to like this car. I'm glad it drives well. And I like the design, inside and out. I think it's a nice change of pace from the competition. The Germans just seem so vanilla to me. Hopefully the coupe version will be better. 

  25. PraiseForAll says:

    dat calves though 2:33

  26. DJCamYank says:

    The guy also intentionally tries to make roadkill. Seems like PWT.

  27. DJCamYank says:

    Overly harsh review that is out of step with Motor Trend, Car & Driver, etc. Your opinion. Your review.

  28. Scott Walper says:

    this fat, nasty turd needs to be driving a KIa Soul..he looks like the hamster/rat that drive it, in the commercials…interesting the ATs has won automotive praise for the engine/handling and materials/fit finish, on the inside…this guy is a dumb ass….

  29. Andrew Lane says:

    Yo TST it's funny because I think this car is a lot like my 2003 SAAB 9-5 AERO. GM took a lot of technology from Saab when they bought the rest of Saab in 1999, which was around the same time the Cadillac announced its art in science focus. My 9-5 is 3400 lbs handles well, it's a safe, fast, turbo, sport luxury sedan. I mean Cadillac was building big boats before they bought Saab. They just took all there technology and dumped them.

    I'm going to build a track beast 9-5 with 450-500whp and hopefully you will come review it and give saab a little credit where it is do.

  30. 1Ministras says:

    First american car review that doesnt kiss american cars a*s, i liked it.

  31. Jose Duran says:

    Kharma is coming back to you. Please shave, body wax and change cars. A suitable vehicle for you is the Nissan juke. What a joke

  32. Aaron Pace says:

    This is what I hope to be buying, although one with a 2.0T and manual trans.  I wish CUE would be fixed I really don't understand why its still all screwed up. I want it to be more of a fun DD

  33. John Koch says:

    You sum up perfectly why I don't buy American cars…the tactile experience behind the wheel…how those buttons "click" when pressed, the gauges, the feel of the sun visor, etc. And unfortunately, though better in recent years, the domestically-produced Yank cars just aren't there yet.

  34. Dave Gifford says:

    Surely picking 6 numbers on the lottery can not be that hard!!!!

  35. Ryukachoo says:

    GM spent money on features and driving dynamics and CUE, they cheaped out a bit on the interior for sure.
    cue is actually improving rapidly, since cadillac is panicking and pushing out software updates like nuts
    plus this car just looks delightfully different, it's very classic batmobile-like

  36. real talk bmw's exterior styling for 2013 sucks… id take the ats any day… Id like to see him try the 2014 Cts

  37. 1bigoptimus says:

    Matt I have to say I disagree with you on the interior quality of the ATS. I have test driven the ATS a few times with different interiors and engines. The quality is there. Cadillac used high quality leather, high quality plastics and real polished metals. The V6 exhaust note put a smile on my face. Everything is beautifully done inside and out. Cadillac feels like a "rental"?  I own a 2008 550i. The soft touch film is literally peeling off the door handles. The car does random no starts with no code and I paid 600 dollars for a battery install and program. I'm trading it for an ATS 3.6. People will buy it. You're too biased to do a good fair review.

  38. Hey Matt this is my first time throwing you a line I'm Robert from Mississippi and I first saw your ride in the venom cool as s#$t and I've been waiting on an ATS review from someone I that I respect I knew it couldn't live up to the cts-v even if it had that big V8 thanks

  39. Joel Langton says:

    No matter what cadillac does the quality of interior bits are never as good as a like priced audi or bmw. They just feel cheap. Hints why the value of these cars dive bombs more times than not. This just seems like a flop to me…

  40. Fussinated says:

    The problem is Matt, you speak about this car like douche bag speaks about American cars. You know there are different ways of saying the same thing. And this car is not as bad as you implied. I remind you there are other car reviewers around who are no less "honest" than yourself. And they mentioned the interior styling and technology as well, as the weak points of this car. But none tried to trash it like a douche bag hater would. If you love to suck European dick be less obvious.

  41. Review the Buick gs

  42. Veyronp87 says:

    matt made a good point at the end there. they got the hard stuff done. hopefully they just make the next ATS a nicer quality car, and they'll have a real 3 series killer

  43. mgee63 says:

    Just realized that all this Gorilla is really doing is selling "Gorilla" ad sales and sun glasses…no clue about how to review a car no matter what he will claim his automotive background to be

    P.S I picked up a 2014 ATS 2.0 AWD Performance and well… say the least Mr Gorilla needs to find another hobby aside from reviewing cars because CUE works well unless you have bacon grease on your fat man fingers

    P.S. P.S. How many many times does he contradict himself

  44. Mikias Kelel says:

    Love the intro song. Does anyone know the title of it?

  45. BLUE says:

    1:00 youre welcome..

  46. mgee63 says:

    remember….opinions are like assholes….everyone has one and they all stink..this guys opinion about the ATS fits the saying perfectly

  47. Pfadt is making 440whp with their 2.0T ATS Turbo upgrade.

  48. luke mcvicar says:

    If American manufactuers would spend a bit of money on there cars instead of trying to undersell there competitors people will spend, its why volkswagen is growing faster then any other company right now, they spend more then toyota and gm on there cars to make them.better quality and the customer sees it.

  49. TheWanskiz says:

    You are a great car reviewer

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