Camaro ZL1 & Jeep Liberty Face Setbacks – Wide Open Throttle Episode 7

On this episode of Wide Open Throttle, Jessi Lang brings you the latest on Chrysler’s new innovative warranty program, GM’s Camaro ZL1 delay, Jeep’s Liberty recall, and President Obama’s proposed electric vehicle credit.

Plus Jessi hits the road to test out Polestar’s new performance tuning software for Volvo.

43 thoughts on “Camaro ZL1 & Jeep Liberty Face Setbacks – Wide Open Throttle Episode 7

  1. camaro ZL1 all dat the new ZL2 LT6 comes to kill Mustang shellby éléphant hellcat

  2. nezerac says:

    wow. Totally just dived into this "WOT" Throwback to satisfy my own curiosity. Aside I'm in agreement with the President's decision to subsidize new technologies for cars. Let's be honest. The money that goes to subsidizing big oil just for big oil to use it stopping progress is ridiculous. The "Gasoline Vapor Engine" should've been here decades ago. Aside I don't wanna be found dead in my car but I so our pres has the right idea.

  3. USAon3 says:

    Don't be silly. A supercar won't fit in a kitchen!

  4. USAon3 says:

    Buck up little fanboy. They have to make the Slowmaro as fast and reliable as they can, so you can get a good look at the Mustang's taillighits.

  5. USAon3 says:

    Because the First Monkey said you should.
    that's why.

  6. USAon3 says:

    Well of course Slomaros and Jeeps are being held back for quality issues… that's because they're slapped together at Government Motors and Fiat by UAW gorillas.

  7. DZone TV says:

    Jessi looks very small sitting in the Polestar C30.

  8. stiliqn007 says:

    4:45 that dude is seriously creepy lol

  9. Z says:

    Camaro all the way.

  10. rhoude747 says:

    I'll always go with a huge V8 before plug in

  11. Mac Telar says:

    tell that to G.M.

  12. titusax says:

    government needs to stay out of the auto industry, they will kill it :(

  13. so sleepy…must keep eyes open with her reviews…

  14. Chris43FMAH says:


  15. demander11 says:

    You could be a news anchor, great show

  16. TheMattDOOM says:


  17. you know you don't have to put your own writing in quotation marks, right?

  18. lol I watch all these videos for Jessi.. she's spectacular. All the 'reviews' are weak unfortunately.. there's never a single criticism on any car! They're more like extended commercials than anything lol

  19. she looks so small in that seat

  20. SkyDrift says:

    China does invest their money and Buick and Cadillac. Why do you think Buicks are so damn popular in China? lol

    And GM China does have part of its market share with GM America. So it is possible for China to take over GM and your beloved "American" company, if hell breaks lose.

    So yeah, you're right. GM is "number one" in China LOL!

  21. Justin_ says:

    y is there fiats

  22. The government is already subsidizing the gas companies who are making record profits. Better to subsidize electronic vehicles and infrastructure.

  23. StellWair says:

    ive seen the polester concept on top gear but it was called the pp30 or something but it was the exact same thing

  24. willkilla says:

    I do not want my tax dollars going to pay for someone else's Pruis. If I can't afford a $30000 car why should I have to help pay for someone who can?

  25. smohan123 says:

    Jessi's damn sexy. So is the Volvo concept, though!

  26. Do a head 2 head with bike and car

  27. Ed Oh says:

    Yes, its not available in the US. TopGear did a segment on it- Awesome hatchness we'll never see.

  28. MrUpgraydde says:

    Is that a grabber blue Volvo?

  29. ironsaber2 says:

    on the bright side of the zl1 hold up at least it what ever it was they caught it early and it won't have performance issues or even worse safety issues

  30. mezimeen says:

    Motortrend is definitely a step up from Roadfly Jessi. Good job yoooooooo!

  31. Rui Rocha says:

    beautiful girl speaking technical terms about a car, damn sexy!

  32. stickloaf says:

    i have a toyota…why the hell would i even need a warranty anyway?

  33. i spelled incentive wrong sorry,lol.

  34. i like the new incetive plan that you mention and it will help buyers out instead of having to wait they can get the savings up front which is a smart move. my two cents.

  35. Neezy says:

    450 hp..damn

  36. Theres a ring on her left hand… SHIT

  37. Jessi any chance of u join back to road fly

  38. atinb says:

    No comments on advanced technology vehicle credit? I think its a fair idea to subsidize the technology. I favor the EV/HEV drive, but it has a long way to go. The proposal has to be passed on practical grounds with more transparency. I wonder what more democrats have their say in this. Cheers Jessi.

  39. Darryl says:

    Jessi appears to be much more relaxed and comfortable relative to the earlier "behind the desk" Motor Trend segments.

  40. John says:

    Great video Jessi! good review, hope to see more.. and could anyone tell how nervous that guy was talking to her, id be the exact same though :p

  41. Josh Lee says:

    hardly an achievement

  42. what a brilliant idea!! :) Chrysler is actually trying now

  43. BubbaSmurft says:

    Now if you could only learn to stay in your own lane.

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