Can Gearing Make Your Car Faster? With Proof!

Test Results From Swapping Final Drive Ratios In My Honda S2000
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I swapped the 4.10 final drive ratio in my Honda S2000 for a 4.44 final drive ratio LSD. Does this actually make the car faster? To test, I did three second gear acceleration pulls before and after installing the new differential.

Variables Before & After:
– Gear oil used, 75W-90 vs 75W-140
– New differential pinion and ring and pinion gear (may not be fully broken in).
– 60 deg F for 4.1 testing, 67 deg F for 4.44 testing.

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36 thoughts on “Can Gearing Make Your Car Faster? With Proof!

  1. LIZCAN says:


  2. barmu says:

    that is one interesting first gear you have there how much f torgue do you have?

  3. That is the mind game of any driveline modification…… where ever you can achieve a gain, there will be a loss or sacrifice somewhere else.

  4. LoRollinLS says:

    Watching you car jack surf at the end was awesome! lol Great addition!

  5. Ankush L says:

    Awesome video!!!

  6. Why does the Top speed decreases for 4.44 and 4.77?

  7. MindDezign says:

    Well I didnt get a conclusion , money spent verses fun factor?
    But another great video.
    This is just another video explaining that, stock engineering is optimum over a wider ooerating range and every mod is a compromise that has trade offs.

  8. Good day I’ve been watching your videos for a while, and I’m very intrigued how your explanation are really clean, so thanks for doing YouTube videos. But I just got a 2001 Eclipse Gt V6 and want to start some modifications on it and wanted some ideas and the engine first to make it run pretty much like new thanks

  9. i like going for a bigger final drive
    makes the car feel like it's a rally car

  10. Arjun Barath says:

    I have watched all your videos about car's working, they are very clear and crisp. My doubt is if I have a CVT as the final drive instead of a gear pair with constant gear ratio , what will be the change in performance?? Suppose my CVT is able to vary the final drive ratio from 4.7 to 4.1 or 3
    1. how will it affect the vehicle acceleration
    2. is it practically possible?

  11. Emilthehun says:

    So Mr engineer. If I changed to a lower gear , will the car climb a hill faster? Because of added tq, or no not really?

  12. So tall gears(numerically lower): not quick, but higher mph. Fast.
    Short gears (numerically higher): very quick, but lower mph. Not as fast.

  13. David Zhao says:

    Do you have the equation to get G force number?

  14. wascrash says:

    That crap box will never hit even 148 stock gears. 173 mph is a kids wet dream. My son has one of these cars. gears will help it be quicker but not faster. These cars are no race car. They do handle well though. Also burn oil.

  15. Sam Wong says:

    How about changing to smaller wheels and tyres, from 17 to 15 for example? Will it have the same effect but without spending a fortune? At the same time lowering the cg of the car.

  16. Hi EngineeringExplained,

    Try shifting into 3rd at 7000rpm vs 8300rpm vs redline

  17. You're increasing torque and reducing RPM

  18. TMoD7007 says:

    I'd make it rotate faster to have better fuel economy… my car revs unnecessarily high on the highway…

  19. Can you do the same with Subaru hi and low? Best reguards from Sweden / Gothenburg

  20. "cruising at 80mph on the highway" lol idk where you live but ive never seen a highway outside of utah and texas that was 80

  21. Error989 says:

    Why dont they make 7 speed manual transmissions? It would give you best of both worlds

  22. Dave Reiland says:

    I love the 4.56 in my AP1. 4500 at 75mph on the highway. I'd guess a top speed of about 135 due to having the aerodynamics of a parachute.

  23. Md Fahim says:

    what Formula was used to calculate the G-force?

  24. Thomas Folse says:

    Mine first gear is 4.44 that's what my friend said. It takes off. My car is an 08 non turbo forester

  25. Nick Amarit says:

    You said that from the calculations, you wanted to use the 4.77 instead. You could use slightly-smaller-than-stock rear tire diameter to effectively increase the final drive ratio that little bit more…

  26. Taydrum says:

    you're going to get worse gas mileage

  27. tag pebble says:

    What app do you use to time the car? How does that work?

  28. Patrol 2012 says:

    would the result be the same if you eliminated wind resistance, like if you jacked up the car and made it accelerate from 10 to 60 in 2nd gear. would the ratio which reaches 60 at a lower rpm win?

  29. Brad Nimbus says:

    You own a big ass car like a Crown Victoria? 4.10's

  30. Joshua Webb says:

    Heard the same thing with trucks towing. Think it was the 2500 vs 2500hd. One had a different axle ratio and could pull more weight, but also cruised at a higher RPM so burned more gas.

  31. Minace 141 says:

    Hi Jason, I got a question: Could you make a video explaining the SST Transmission of the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X? I heard its good but nobody uses it. Why is that? Or is it the same as a dsg? According to what dubious stuff I could find on the net, they are not.

  32. RobotSteve says:

    This YouTube channel is a must watch. I deal with whiteboards all day at work and for some reason I can stay awake watching yours. It is amazing seeing the diff. gear ratio on a s2000 compared to my Charger RT. Even though the 0-60 difference is within 1 second, the fact the Charger has 2.6 gears really shows the engineering behind effectively delivering power.
    Keep making vids dude you're doing a great job.

  33. Vitor Leão says:

    more top speed = less acceleration
    more acceleration = less top speed

  34. I blew my stock 4.10 and sent it off to puddymod for a 4.77. I can say without a doubt the car accelerates a bit quicker

  35. 4.44 seems like the best bod both world option

  36. m60kaf says:

    Does going the other way improve mpg?

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