Can Subaru Get the Championship? – /LAUNCH CONTROL: S02E09

/DRIVE is proud to partner with Subaru’s LAUNCH CONTROL. Catch up on Season 2, as we lead up to the premiere of Season 3 on May 20!

Season 2 kicks off with a frigid bang as Team Subaru attacks the event known as Sn* Drift 2014.

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“You only truly know how to accomplish something once you have actually done it. Turning points and opportunities are only fully recognized with hindsight.

So, for a team as experienced as Subaru Rally Team USA, reverse engineering a championship title should be straight forward. Except it never is.

Thousands of circumstances and decisions led to this moment, and no two seasons will offer the same opportunities. Experience might form the road map to a title, but it’s a road map already out of date. The 2014 championships bring new competition, new events, and new cars. A new road awaits.

This is Season Two of Launch Control.” – Subaru’s Launch Control Page

40 thoughts on “Can Subaru Get the Championship? – /LAUNCH CONTROL: S02E09

  1. Stu Kline says:

    Great episode!

  2. Sagar Dhawan says:

    Quality stuff, /DRIVE!

  3. jameannohere says:

    That dude said he has "the greatest drivers in rally, period." Hahahaha Joke! WRC>Rally America

  4. Toby McVinn says:

    GRC is fucked

  5. Zygrene says:

    I see a couple themes here:

    1) Travis and David taking turns suffering flat tires, making luck a bigger factor than driving skill.
    2) Sverre getting fucked by opponents whenever he's in a good position.

    I love this series so far but I'm so frustrated.

  6. Dylan Guo says:

    Wow I gotta check the next event out, Nassau Coliseum is only 15 min away from me lol

  7. This is what i wanna do for a living, lol if only.

  8. Sarah Dell says:

    How do these cars have license plates on them?!

  9. I friggan love this series… Keep them coming!

  10. Fair enjoyed that series, will be watching it in Sept too

  11. What is the difference between rally america and wrc?

  12. Wow that was a pretty professional introduction and document style narration. Felt more television level than the usual stuff released by /Drive and its counterparts, which seems to me to be more like a conversation between friends, not that it's a bad thing. Both styles are enjoyable to watch. This was also a good watch and I look forward to more pieces similar to this in the future.

  13. 07:40 [place your generic sexist comment here]

  14. Damn gotta wait until Sept for more of this, great series very entertaining.

  15. ruben salas says:

    Hey talking about Subaru does anyone have an idea when either the brz or frs could or would get its mid life refresh?

  16. John Legend says:

    I can't tell you how much this brings me back to the hype around racing. Like Fast and Furious Neon Car Lights Hype. God Bless You Guys.

  17. hotelkilo006 says:

    This has been a phenomenal series! I love it!

  18. Joseph Fryer says:

    argggg I can't wait til September for new episodes! I just found this series and have watched all of 1 and all of 2 I NEED MORE…. come on… please

  19. cant wait for the next episode :)

  20. Darin Humble says:

    Ahhh… September 7 freakin teenth.

  21. OtwoJockey says:

    Love this series great job drive!

  22. halo3sn1p3r says:

    I don't understand why everyone is so excited about these videos. They have been available on SUBARUs main channel for 2 years…As far as I can see this is just a filler for no content…(link for episode 10: watch?v=6L8X4uYsskI&list=PL1MTbRON4T882S-XEFu3StytlAFShrF2M&index=25

  23. Kris Dudar says:

    Love series like this. More pls

  24. Excellent video! I like the Subaru Legacy

  25. draggonhedd says:

    Okay as a former NH resident, its pronounced CONKERD… NOT CON-CORD.

  26. Taf Zenda says:

    who narrates this??

  27. Omfg i love this series but wish it didnt have to take a break!!!

  28. Omg looks like so much fun!

  29. HisAirness7 says:

    awesome work! good production. Please keep it coming!

  30. Durodes Duvo says:


  31. mitchtn14 says:

    This show is sick! keep it coming!

  32. Disrespectful fucking fords

  33. Totoro says:

    Yeah Higgins, just wash your sweaty face off in the cooler of everyones drinks…

  34. codi payne says:

    IVE watched way too many car videos !!!
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  35. Paco Espinar says:

    Song on 3:15?

  36. MrPunisheer says:

    that red flag was such bullshit…..

  37. Cuban Legend says:

    Is DRIVE behind the production of this or are you guys just hosting it? I love it, and its amazing! I love how it re-acclimates us with Rally USA's current team, goals, and the tracks they race on. With the recent release of DiRT Rally, this has reinvigorated my passion for uaing my Racing Wheel! And, I have quite a few recommendations of beautiful Rally USA tracks and cars for Codemasters to add to DiRT Rally. :)

  38. dgerny l says:

    I love launch Control there needs to be more more more more!!!!

  39. Respect for the service mechanics.

  40. Rival-Sama says:

    Ho yus!

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