Can Turbo Blankets Be Proven To Increase Performance?

How Turbo Blankets Work, With Proof Of Faster Spooling & Less Lag
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Do turbo blankets actually work? What is the purpose of a turbo blanket? What are the advantages of using a turbo blanket?

This video involves two tests, one completed by myself and Humble Mechanic, the other as a thesis for a masters at UT Austin. For our tests, we seek to see if there are any major temperature differences between using a turbo blanket, versus not. This can mean different cabin temperatures, lower hood temperatures, lower engine bay temperatures, and even lower intake air temperatures.

The idea of a turbo blanket is that it keeps all the exhaust heat contained within the turbocharger, rather than radiating out from it. This means more heat is contained as useful pressure, and that pressure spins the turbochargers. With more pressure, you create more power. Does it actually work? Let’s watch and find out!

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46 thoughts on “Can Turbo Blankets Be Proven To Increase Performance?

  1. You have to wrap your turbo up in a nice blanky so it stays happy!

    Aways fun working with ya Jason :)

  2. The only downside to running a turbo blanket is because the turbine housing is kept at a higher temperature it will likely break sooner. Also, the reason why the engine didn't make more maximum power is because engine computer limits the power output. I bet if you ran an aftermarket computer or a performance chip on the engine a turbo blanket would increase the maximum power.

  3. Wonder if the durability of the turbo will be affected? Heat cracks etc…

  4. ererrs says:


  5. Doug Hunt says:

    Does anyone know if the cheaper turbo blankets comparable? I like the idea but at $160 that is quite a bit to of money to blow for a blanket.

  6. Hi. What about ceramic coating to engine parts, exhaust parts and other parts? I own a 2005 Subaru Legacy Spec B 3.0R wich engine its being completly repair. I will aplly to the pistons ceramic coating wich will help to protect them and get some more Hp. After this I will aplly ceramic coating to the exhaust headers. It got the same objective has thermal blanket but with time It wont damage the exhaust. The thermal blanket usually make small holes on the exhaust. Can you review ceramic coatings in a future video? Thanks. (Im from Portugal)

  7. User Name says:

    My 2012 cummins puts 800ft/lbs at the crank. The ones with the Aisin transmission now put out 950ish ft/lbs.

  8. niga pleaz says:

    I work as a marine engineer with Diesel Engines that are over 8000 horse power. There are always turbo blankets- it reduces heat transfer to air and radiant energy out. If the temperature went down, then the pressure would go down as well, then the turbocharger/ supercharger isn't as efficient.

  9. What concerns me with using these blankets is if it will kill the material of the exhaust housing? +200 degrees is a HUGE change when it comes to keeping the material in its optimal range. Amateurs often heat shield custom steel manifolds which then leads to the material overheating both releasing "shells" of its material into the turbo and making the manifold crack. I have not seen turbo blankets personally on top level rallycross cars either, which usually are in the forefront of "diy tuning", and I know that some of them are running super thin "garrett wont let us buy these turbos and we have to return them even if they blow into a hundred pieces" exhaust housings

  10. Is there a down side to turbo blankets? I mean, can I just go whack one of these babies on my Polo GTI's Turbo and see some improvements, but what is the risk? What harm could come?

  11. James Zarate says:

    How long should ypu let a turbo cool, also can you do a video about silencer exhausts

  12. ethan dabney says:

    When taking your measurements do you correct for emissivity? Your numbers could be very far off from actual when taking temps with the infrared camera on shiny surfaces if not corrected.

  13. I was going to ask, "Can Fleece Blankets be Proven to Increase Performance". I.e. What if you bundled up in the car really tight and shut off the HVAC. Turns out: you already did because it doesn't have one!

  14. Schulzeit says:

    so why do manufacturers not put on turbo blankets in the first way?

  15. PABLO JORGE says:

    If it's better and could be very cheap make from factory, why the manufactures doesn't include this option by default?

  16. Cab Cat says:

    The only thing that worries me is do turbo blankets increase the chance of corrosion on the outside of the turbo housing? Like exhaust wrap has a tendency to do on manifolds. I guess since it's at the back of the engine bay it's not likely to get rain exposure than if it was at the front.

  17. Would you possibly be able to do a test similar to this but using a turbine housing with a ceramic coating?

  18. Wim Dreesen says:

    In my opinion, if you want a decent lifetime of your turbocharger (>100.000 km, but preferably even 200.000 km) on a gasoline engine , it is not acceptable to increase the turbine housing temperature by 130°C. The increased thermal load on the turbine housing, the turbine wheel and often the integrated waste-gate valve, will enhance seriously the risks of distortion and cracks in the turbine area.

  19. will a tune be required or just recommended?

  20. Alan Brown says:

    What about blanketting/wrapping the exhaust manifold and downpipe? (keeping more heat out of the engine bay, more heat into the turbo,. etc)

  21. manikdj123 says:

    Can you do another comparison but with ceramic coated turbos/ex mani/downpipes etc?

  22. stickloaf says:

    maybe you can try it here next summer in Tucson…last year we hit 116F

  23. TheEVGAftw says:

    warm down is technically correct because heat is only transferred not cold. Hah

  24. TheLegend27 says:

    Do 1/4 tests with this

  25. Creedence18 says:

    TL;DR significantly reduces turbo lag

  26. Supertrucky says:

    WOW Makes you wonder what else so so simple you could improve on to make a big change… on the subject of cars

  27. Won't the turbo's lifespan be reduced by the higher temperature?

  28. Supertrucky says:

    certain angles of charles in this video remind of of Jonny Liberman from Motortrend

  29. Super informative. Love this

  30. I'd love to see the same testing done again, but with a cheaper turbo blanket from an eBay seller.

  31. can you do the same thing but with a ceramic coated turbine housing and/or manifold?

  32. Il Conte says:

    My question is, why don't turbo manufacturers add insulating material around the turbo to increase performance out of the box?

  33. Jesse Pady says:

    Is there any negatives of having all that heat trapped in the blanket with the turbo?


  35. m4N5L4y3R says:

    I've been using one since 2013 just to keep from melting my plastic inner fender, I never knew the performance aspect of it! :) downpipe and header are wrapped as well.

  36. Dimon says:

    Hey I wanted to get myself a cheap 4WD car and a friend of mine suggested me a lada 4×4. I have heard some good and bad things about it. Could you guys please give me some advice.
    Thanks for any help.

  37. Cerberus984 says:

    Dayum, equivlent of adding 1 extra liter to the 6.7 cummins. Impressive

  38. I have done multiple dyno pulls with them on or off, with no increase in power with them on.
    Where are you getting your data from? After years of drag racing turbo covers are useless and cause premature turbo bearing failures. Where is my proof?
    DSM eliminator champions..

  39. GeoffBob77 says:

    Excellent video, I thoroughly enjoyed it. By the looks of the weather you guys should have also been wearing turbo blankets ;-) Kudos to Steffen Hans Bickle at UT Austin, I assume he was awarded his degree after all that research?

  40. Malteser3535 says:

    6°C less airtemp is massive. That plus a bigger intercooler and you can really increase power.

  41. patientx77 says:

    Will trapping all the heat in the turbo not shorten the life of the turbo itself? It seems like have increases in temperatures at the turbo of 20-25% would be detrimental to its life span. Imagine if other components consistently saw a 25% increase in temps on a regular basis. Thoughts?

  42. Thats a great team you guys have and 2 of the best channels on youtube talking together…very cool and helpful. No dobt

  43. Team Spintop says:

    I've tried to use one a few times, mine gets to 850 degrees internally without a blanket, but 1100 with a blanket. this has killed 2 turbo's so far. I dont use blankets for this reason, turbo gets too hot

  44. Can you blow up a CVT and if so is there industrial grade ones AND IF NOT how hard would it be to make one

  45. Thanks for another great video :) love your channel, thank you!

  46. Jason Sibray says:

    What does the temp do to the integrity of the turbo with the extra 250 degree C increase?

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