A year in frames by professional photographer, Camden Thrasher.

VW Golf R v BMW M235i – Chris Harris on Cars

Despite how much we love supercar comparisons, this Golf R v M235i test is one which has more value on everyday car enthusiasts. They are matched right up against each other in terms of performance and price. Here’s a proper review with Chris Harris

The Cadillac ATS-V On Track WIth The ‘Zig — AFTER/DRIVE

Does the Cadillac ATS-V *really* live up to expectations? This time on AFTER/DRIVE, we’ve got Mike and Zac from Classic Car Club Manhattan and Alan “The Zig” Wilzig, whose Wilzig Racing Manor was featured in a popular /DRIVE video: A 1.1-mile Private Racetrack In His Front Yard — JALOPNIK ON /DRIVE Classic Car Club Manhattan

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