Unleashing the Subaru Viking – /LAUNCH CONTROL: S02E14

/DRIVE is proud to partner with Subaru’s LAUNCH CONTROL. Catch up on Season 2, as we lead up to the premiere of Season 3 on May 20!

Season 2 kicks off with a frigid bang as Team Subaru attacks the event known as Sn* Drift 2014.

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“You only truly know how to accomplish something once you have actually done it. Turning points and opportunities are only fully recognized with hindsight.

So, for a team as experienced as Subaru Rally Team USA, reverse engineering a championship title should be straight forward. Except it never is.

Thousands of circumstances and decisions led to this moment, and no two seasons will offer the same opportunities. Experience might form the road map to a title, but it’s a road map already out of date. The 2014 championships bring new competition, new events, and new cars.… READ THE REST

Is the Porsche 911 GT3 The Best Sports Car Ever Built? – AFTER/DRIVE

The Porsche 911 GT3 has always been the Porsche to buy if you really love driving. The newest model is a marvel of technology, but is it still a true driver’s car? Discuss.

With Zac Moseley and Mike Prichinello from Classic Car Club Manhattan. http://www.classiccarclubmanhattan.com

Watch Chris Harris’s first drive of the 991 GT3

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Ryan Thanks Viewers and Talks Rally Barracuda — /MY LIFE as a RALLYIST

Since /MY LIFE as a RALLYIST takes a week to catch up, Ryan spends some time thanking viewers, reading comments, and sharing a little of what’s to come. If that’s not enough to hold you over until next week, Ryan opens the discussion floor to ‘rally cars that most people don’t know are rally cars’. His pick is Ralph Beckman’s 1967 Plymouth Barracuda prepped by Vermont Sports Car and ran in The Monte Carlo Historique rally in the early 2000’s. So, while you are waiting around for the Lancia 037 video next week… Post a rally car that most people don’t know exists in the comment section below!

Pictures and info about the Barracuda could be found at:


http://www.moparaction.com/Article/Cuda/Cuda.html… READ THE REST

HyperCar RaceCars Vs LMP1 / DP RaceCars – /SHAKEDOWN

Leo Parente and ShakeDown look at all the new HyperCars being built for the road – Porsche 918, Ferrari F150, McLaren P1, Audi R20, et al, then asks, “Why not race THESE cars at Le Mans, WEC, ALMS, Grand-Am vs the current Prototype racecars?” So, the question goes to YOU – Which should be the ultimate car class in Le Mans racing – The current LMP1 / DP’s or a new HyperCar class?

Links –

Porsche 918

http://www.roadandtrack.com/future-cars/future-car-news/sneak-peek-2014-ferrari-f150-enzo Ferrari F150

http://www.automobilemag.com/new_and_future_cars/2017/1212_2017_audi_r20_supercar/ Audi R20

http://www.mclarenautomotive.com/uk/default.aspx McLaren P1

Pagan Huayra

Koenigsegg… READ THE REST