Turbo Lag – Explained

What is turbo lag and how does it work? What causes turbo lag? This video explains why it takes time for an engine to build boost and therefore increase power in turbocharged engines.

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Should You Warm Up Your Car Before Driving?

Should You Warm Up Your Engine Before Driving Your Car? Is Synthetic Engine Oil Better? – https://youtu.be/tYkg0oDUXs8 Subscribe for new videos every Wednesday! – https://goo.gl/VZstk7

Cars with electronic fuel injection do not need to be warmed up before lightly driving off. This is because fuel injected engines can compensate for temperature changes. Cold engines run rich to compensate for poor fuel atomization. This means extra fuel is injected into the combustion chamber.

Now fuel is a solvent, so when extra fuel gets on the cylinder walls, it washes away the oil from the cylinders and pistons. Less oil on the cylinder walls means less protection, and because the oil is cold it makes it harder for it to be replaced. This means the longer you spend with your engine cold, the more wear you’ll have. Idling the engine doesn’t put much heat into it, so the car remains cold for a long duration.… READ THE REST

The Differences Between Inline Four & Boxer Four Engines

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3D Printed Models – Big Thanks To Eric Harrell: Straight-4 Model: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:644933 Boxer-4 Model: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1643878

In this video we are going to be comparing inline four cylinder engines with boxer four cylinder engines, and talking about the individual advantages and disadvantages of each engine layout. We have a 3D printed EJ20 Subaru boxer engine, as well as a 22RE Toyota inline-four engine. We’ll start fairly basic and work our way through several different topics for each layout, including the four strokes, the firing interval and order, the vibrations of each layout, the packaging differences, the cylinder head differences, and finally a bit about the sound.

Looking at either layout, they’re both based on the same four strokes.… READ THE REST

Drilled, Slotted & Vented Brake Rotors – What’s Best?

When replacing your brake rotors, you may opt to upgrade to drilled, slotted, or vented rotors. Which brake rotor is best? What brake rotors will perform better? What are the best options for performance brakes? Ultimately, vented disc are great for heat rejection. Slotted rotors can aid in moving debris away from the rotor, and potentially adding a biting surface for the pad to contact. Drilled rotors aren’t used in professional racing due to the stress failures they tend to have.

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What Is Rev Matching?

What is Rev Matching? Manual transmission driving. Why is it necessary to rev match? What are the benefits of rev matching? What happens if you don’t rev match? Driving a 2016 Nissan 370Z which features automatic downshift rev-matching.

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