This 1973 Honda CB175 Requires Complete Composure

“My first motorcycle was a Honda CBR600,” says Sarah Lahalih. “Part of the reason that I ended up with the bike that I’m riding today, the CB, is because I kind of struggled riding that 600 as my first motorcycle, as anyone would, without any proper instruction.”

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“But I knew that from the first time I was on my own motorcycle that I would ride forever.”

Her “terrible” and “uncomfortable” 1973 Honda CB175 may be a humble classic machine, not to mention, “a little unpredictable and totally impractical,” but there’s good reason for why Sarah loves this bike.

“I’d been riding for almost two years without really knowing how to brake or corner, I finally took the course, it was really empowering for me—life changing—and so I went on to become an instructor for that course, and then quickly went on to open my own school, which I owned and operated for 10 years in Chicago.” In the meantime, she’s trained instructors to build motorcycle training courses for the U.S.… READ THE REST

The Land Rover Series III Is Equipped For Adventure

This story comes in partnership with Belstaff as we hit the dunes in a Land Rover Series III.

As a car photographer who shoots for many of the big auction houses, Mr. Pawel Litwinski is no stranger to the world of vintage Bugattis, Ferraris, and Porsches–cars defined by their elegant lines and frightening top speeds. On any given day, Pav can be found shooting anything from a 1932 Daimler Double-Six in one corner of the United States to a Jaguar D-Type on the opposite side of the continent. If he’s at home in California, however, odds are you’ll find Pav in the seat of a ride defined by its simplicity: his 1973 Land Rover Series III.

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Growing up in Coney Island, New York, Pav saw plenty of sports cars on the city streets but what he really wanted was a vehicle that would go over everything.… READ THE REST

1991 Ferrari F40: Driving The Dream Car

This month, Ferrari celebrates its 70th Anniversary. Register at for a unique digital experience and a chance to win prizes.

Ferrari makes dream cars. It’s what they do. Perhaps no Ferrari in history has lived up to that promise quite like the F40.

See our behind the scenes gallery and read more about this 1991 Ferrari F40 at

Drive Tastefully®

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1959 Maserati Tipo 61: Climb Into The Birdcage

Join us this week for a special film as we follow along with Marino Franchitti for a track session in Nick Mason’s 1959 Maserati Tipo 61 “Birdcage.” Delicate and purposeful in single swooping package, this is the car that defines what it means to be ethereal, and it is the best looking bit of motorsport engineering to be housed in a web of chromoly steel.

Go behind the scenes with the Tipo 61 at Nick Mason’s garage and England’s Castle Combe circuit:

Drive Tastefully®… READ THE REST

1967 Toyota 2000GT: A Generational Gift

In this week’s film we head off to the French commune of Annemasse just outside of Switzerland, where we met multiple generations of the Degenève family as they recounted the story of this Toyota 2000GT. The clan operates the oldest Toyota dealer in the country, and at one point Jean-Pierre Degenève owned two of these cars. He was forced to sell them both, but decades later his sons tracked down this white example outside of Tokyo with the help of Toyota. After buying and then hiding the car from their father’s eyes for months, he was finally presented with it on his 70th birthday. That’s gifting tastefully.

See the photoshoot and further info here:

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Chasing Classic Villains

The Carabinieri are Italy’s national military police force and have played an instrumental part in Italy’s history, including helping bring down Mussolini during World War II. What makes them even more badass is that not only do they get to wear chic uniforms and drive Alfa Romeos, but in the ’60s and ’70s they were the protagonists in many real-life car chases pursuing notorious criminals like Vallanzasca and Red Brigade terrorists. We can only imagine how many fruit carts were turned over during these pursuits.

Watch two veteran Carabinieri wax nostalgic about these hot pursuits in their Alfa Romeo Giulias.… READ THE REST