Regular Car Reviews: 1986 Toyota MR2 AW11

MR2 AW11: A car that still is championing a 1980’s doe-eyed optimistic view of The Future. Yes! Computers! Computers are the future and everything will be new! Look at this car. It has a computer! Beep Bop Borp! Roadblasters!

Pypes Car Show 2016

RCR goes to Pypes Exhaust yearly car show at their car show place for the cars to show.

Regular Car Reviews: 1990 Chevrolet Suburban

This is a car from the age of Grunge Music, live axles and red plush interior. The Suburban is not an SUV, not really. It is a work truck that happens to be inclosed. Like the Lincoln Town Car, it will outlast modern cars.

Regular Car Reviews: 2013 Fiat 500c Abarth

Why did the Fiat 500 fail to unseat the Mini? Does THE JOKE have something to do with it? True story: the owner of this 500 Abarth was in traffic somewhere near the Walt Whitman. A bum was going from car to car, asking for change. He gets to this Abarth and asks @barkerdk, “what

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