Scion FR-S Dirty Drifting

On the way to Spring Mountain to film a segment for Attack of the Show on G4, Matt and the crew stop at a dry lake bed to do some dirty drifting in the Scion FR-S

2004 Cadillac CTS-V

This Cadillac CTS-V is a stock example of the first-generation M5-Fighter. When the CTS-V came out, it was truly shocking: a Corvette drivetrain in a sedan, with just as much power as the BMW M5. Now, these first-generation cars are affordable, and this is a clean example. **In this video, the car’s oil temperature gauge

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Supercharged Four-Cylinder Street Toyota Tacoma

This oddball street truck comes to us from Ozzie, the man with the 650 WHP Evo, one of the fastest cars Matt’s ever driven. Ozzie’s 2011 four-cylinder Tacoma features a Rotrex Supercharger, header, and exhaust, as well as a Bilstein sport suspension, upgraded brakes, and street-specific wheel/tire combo.

Ford SVT Raptor, High-Speed Desert Review

The Smoking Tire heads to the high California desert outside Borrego Springs to finally see what the SVT Raptor can do when things get down and dirty. Host Matt Farah puts the Raptor through its paces in the sand, on the rocks, and even from the air!

Cadillac ATS Review

The new Cadillac ATS has been lavished with praise by the motoring press. And that’s because, when you’re a journalist, the ATS offers pretty much everything you’re looking for from a sport sedan. But what about from the customer’s perspective? Does the ATS offer what I’m looking for if I’m a buyer of a luxury

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2001 Chevrolet S10 Single Cab

This 2001 Chevrolet S10 single cab pickup features the 4.3L “Vortec” V6, a lightly modified suspension, and is the owners commuter for a 100+ mile round trip every day. Despite how these trucks resonate in our memories, we find this 160,000 mile example to be extraordinarily tight and surprisingly nice to drive with great inputs,

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2017 BMW M3 6-Speed – (Track) One Take

The BMW M3 is the benchmark for a reason: practicality, comfort style, quality, and most of all, dynamics. Nowhere better exemplifies that than running a few sessions around the track in one. And this example is perfect #GRIDLIFE spec: Ceramic Brakes, Cloth Seats, Manual Transmission, and nothing else. We’d have it exactly this way.