Cesar Lozano & His 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS – Lowrider Roll Models Ep. 7

Cesar Lozano is living the American Dream. Not only did he get his own slice of the pie, he’s also got a collection of Impalas that make his deal even sweeter. Growing up, Mr.Lozano was always fond of toys and baseball cards, but a lack of money left him hustling the streets just to save up enough money to get into it. Decades later he would take those acquired skills and turn it into a self-made empire.

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  1. Post By Fern Lara

    Bad ass 6threes

  2. Post By Apple E

    I like that Palomar red 63 with the patina.. all stock and OG.

  3. Post By Princess Hardrick


  4. Post By Daniel Silva

    Great story homie!! I love the santa fe swap!! Love the music, the deals and the family time with my girls. Im currently saving for my lowrider. Maybe one day you will see me in my lowrider.

  5. Post By onethoupower

    Awesome video! Love the series. What's the song at 2:43?!?!?!?!?

  6. Post By scootosan

    That 63 highly optioned Convert is rare for sure and in original condition, can't beat the smell "Old of It"….Mr. Lozano your story is one of inspiration and paid your Dues. You reap the benefits of your Family's love and your determination.

  7. Post By chikitabowow

    Great video! Although the music was a tad loud at times, otherwise it's spot on

  8. Post By VideosUnrelated

    5% video about his car. 15% about how he got into his cars. 80% about his business.

  9. Post By Djohncze

    Music ?

  10. Post By Lance Delgado

    Kiss impose then yapbn liability commercial chef sunlight sand.

  11. Post By Mathias Mustillo


  12. Post By Peter

    A classic American success story.

  13. Post By MrFrankturbo1

    what a nice story !

  14. Post By mark dicker

    Just goes to show no matter wherever you come from, however poor , hard work dedication and determination will get you what you deserve, good on you

  15. Post By Noham Roger

    Second whereas cold scan nice angle other rare.

  16. Post By Shawn Ramsey

    One mans dream, one mans reality

  17. Post By Nika Bitiashvili

    keep it up bro!

  18. Post By Lifted_Above

    This segment on Motor Trend is the least interesting to me.

  19. Post By TrolleyDistrictBullies

    Is that you Carlos Coy spm

  20. Post By David Myers

    Hell of a story.

  21. Post By Xadrian Tajalle

    aka 6-4

  22. Post By goldsilverandiamonds

    This was a great story and video. It reminded me of the types of stories and interviews that was done in the magazines Million Dollar Blue Prints and especially Heavy Hitter magazine. Nothing better then mixing cars, entrepreneurship and business together to help inspire and help people learn to earn so they can build and have the cars and trucks for their dreams. Maybe Motor Trend will consider doing more of these even making a magazine like those mentioned above?

  23. Post By Braeden Lawrence

    What is that song at 1:22

  24. Post By Speed Street Lifestyle


  25. Post By Shana Jacquet

    Hello ! elder Does anyone know smarter this resulu A lmao.

  26. Post By King Derp

    R E S P E C T

  27. Post By HeroofSomething

    Dope story, started from the bottom and made it to the top!

  28. Post By MrMister1227

    2 speed transmission lmfao

  29. Post By isandov

    Great story!

  30. Post By lowone21

    i wish they would bring back the lowrider hoppers or toys they used to have back then

  31. Post By Peter Struwing

    This is the best!

  32. Post By Nina Moulin

    Heya buddies engagement Does anybody hear better than this version? . .

  33. Post By Cactus Tweeter

    Really great message Cesar. Continued success and happiness for you and your family.

  34. Post By Joe C

    Awesome video and story. These keep getting better and better!

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