Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE, Ferrari Superfast, “Trak-tor” & MORE! | 5 Things You Missed | Top Gear

From the Ferrari 812 Superfast to the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE and the record breaking Trak-tor, find out what you need to see in the fifth episode of Top Gear: Series 25! Find out where to watch the latest series of Top Gear in your country:

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  1. Post By cerberus65

    They should call it the Ferrari Stinkinfast

  2. Post By Tajhae Scott-Walls

    This show still looks amazing

  3. Post By GC8

    Top gear? More like low gear lol …. The cars were awesome but watching these guys review them was just sad

  4. Post By Servo

    This is why I watch The Grand Tour.

  5. Post By Frederico Schmitz

    Does anybody knows where they are streaming the show?

  6. Post By Young Reefer

    rip off lmao

  7. Post By chunky1x

    The dislikes are shrinking. XD

  8. Post By Eric Smith

    Ferrari 812 Superfast ? Wasn't that reviewed by everyone in the world 1-2 years ago ?! Top Gear always late to the game and terrible host chemistry :(

  9. Post By ShadowDrift

    Well, could be worse…..

  10. Post By reymond lopez

    I have to admit the new trio have good chemistry to build on.

  11. Post By Brian Smith

    Woah. This show sucks now!

  12. Post By Pitbull Voli


  13. Post By bassicuk1986

    Another good episode

  14. Post By Ben Paye


  15. Post By thraze lumibao


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