Chris Harris and Jason Manford Lap | Top Gear: Series 25

This week Chris Harris mentors Jason Manford around the Top Gear test track in this clip from episode six of Series 25. Find out where to watch the latest series of Top Gear in your country:

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15 thoughts on “Chris Harris and Jason Manford Lap | Top Gear: Series 25

  1. Mrtweet81 says:

    Why is Rory still in the show? Matt and Chris has got good chemistry, but Rory, with his wannabe gangster attitude, is not contributing anything to the show.

  2. I like the old top gear guys better they have lots more action!

  3. I made a video about cars:
    Top 10 cars that weren't as good as we expected
    Do you like it?

  4. Nobody had made 'that' comment yet, so here we go..

    Bring Back Clarkson

  5. Hi I was the 21th person to comment. I love your show it is awesome!

  6. These guys are living a dream. I mean just look at how much fun they're having at work. It's one of the reason this show is very enjoyable to watch.

  7. AP13P says:

    Does it air today or tomorrow?

  8. etma01 says:

    Who is this bloke?

  9. kungfuchief says:

    What is this knockoff garbage. There’s no clarkson Hammond or may

  10. Lap 50

  11. Jan Saddam says:

    I do not know people…

  12. Can't wait!

  13. Tom Waters says:

    I like top gear

  14. Diego says:


  15. 寶貝勳 says:


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