Chris Harris drives Top Gear Live taxi – evo exclusive!

evo’s Chris Harris has an exclusive, and very sideways, drive in the Top Gear Live taxi – with a very reluctant passenger.


  1. Post By Richard Hogg

    Hooligan….love it.

  2. Post By Edward SB


  3. Post By TheStig

    I'm not Chris Harris!!!

  4. Post By L BC

    Chris Harris is the STIG….

  5. Post By Max Baker

    Does anyone know why Chris left EVO?

  6. Post By Horng Jian Bee

    is that an Evo steering wheel?

  7. Post By Tyrone Ross

    Is it based on an evo?

  8. Post By LP640Murcielago

    thats exactly what I was thinking. very well could be

  9. Post By SRTguy123

    he is a better driver than most journalist

  10. Post By Maheer Senn

    Is this the made from the drug dealers evo they destroyed?

  11. Post By vehiclerandomvideos

    The ultimate sleeper xD

  12. Post By Matches Malone

    Fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Post By MrInternetDude

    It's a EVO, lol

  14. Post By 4dshow

    It's actually and evo chassis with a Cab body on top!

  15. Post By TheSexybacks

    Finally we know who is Stig ……..

  16. Post By Jason Addison

    Is that an evo steering wheel?

  17. Post By Kayone73

    I wonder what mill is powering that black cab, the steering wheel and instrument cluster looks like it came from an Evo 8 or 9, maybe it has that drivetrain as well?

  18. Post By QT31160

    @samlim94 it is based on the mechanics of a Mitsubishi EVO (VIII or IX).

  19. Post By an50331

    chris harris should be the new top gear presenter when jeremy clarkson retires

  20. Post By agent807

    Getting his Transporter on!

  21. Post By Disco4X4

    I took a ride in this cab down the Edgware Road. It was an eye opener

  22. Post By Disco4X4

    @DanVM111 but better looking

  23. Post By popdog200

    @sspope No it's completely standard. They were also London streets Chris was driving around. He's a qualified cab driver. Hope that helps.

  24. Post By Londo Mollari

    Is it tuned? There's no way a London Taxi has so little body roll like that.

  25. Post By OTKSenior

    I am convinced CH is the stig. You can't reach that level of awesomeness without attaining Stig status. :D

  26. Post By DanMAN

    It's an Mitsubishi Evolution 9!!!!

  27. Post By venom5809

    Goddamn Chris Harris can drive. What the hell is under the chassis of that taxi?

  28. Post By like AFD

    @TrippySkippy1 They're massive, so who cares

  29. Post By Winstan

    if only we could clone chris harris and give each car magazine one then the world would be a better place!

  30. Post By RTree613

    killing those little tires lol

  31. Post By lncdlt

    i so would love to see harris on top gear some how

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