Chris Harris drives Top Gear Live taxi – evo exclusive!

evo’s Chris Harris has an exclusive, and very sideways, drive in the Top Gear Live taxi – with a very reluctant passenger.

31 thoughts on “Chris Harris drives Top Gear Live taxi – evo exclusive!

  1. Richard Hogg says:

    Hooligan….love it.

  2. Edward SB says:


  3. TheStig says:

    I'm not Chris Harris!!!

  4. L BC says:

    Chris Harris is the STIG….

  5. Max Baker says:

    Does anyone know why Chris left EVO?

  6. is that an Evo steering wheel?

  7. Tyrone Ross says:

    Is it based on an evo?

  8. thats exactly what I was thinking. very well could be

  9. SRTguy123 says:

    he is a better driver than most journalist

  10. Maheer Senn says:

    Is this the made from the drug dealers evo they destroyed?

  11. The ultimate sleeper xD

  12. Fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. It's a EVO, lol

  14. 4dshow says:

    It's actually and evo chassis with a Cab body on top!

  15. TheSexybacks says:

    Finally we know who is Stig ……..

  16. Is that an evo steering wheel?

  17. Kayone73 says:

    I wonder what mill is powering that black cab, the steering wheel and instrument cluster looks like it came from an Evo 8 or 9, maybe it has that drivetrain as well?

  18. QT31160 says:

    @samlim94 it is based on the mechanics of a Mitsubishi EVO (VIII or IX).

  19. an50331 says:

    chris harris should be the new top gear presenter when jeremy clarkson retires

  20. agent807 says:

    Getting his Transporter on!

  21. Disco4X4 says:

    I took a ride in this cab down the Edgware Road. It was an eye opener

  22. Disco4X4 says:

    @DanVM111 but better looking

  23. popdog200 says:

    @sspope No it's completely standard. They were also London streets Chris was driving around. He's a qualified cab driver. Hope that helps.

  24. Is it tuned? There's no way a London Taxi has so little body roll like that.

  25. OTKSenior says:

    I am convinced CH is the stig. You can't reach that level of awesomeness without attaining Stig status. :D

  26. DanMAN says:

    It's an Mitsubishi Evolution 9!!!!

  27. venom5809 says:

    Goddamn Chris Harris can drive. What the hell is under the chassis of that taxi?

  28. like AFD says:

    @TrippySkippy1 They're massive, so who cares

  29. Winstan says:

    if only we could clone chris harris and give each car magazine one then the world would be a better place!

  30. RTree613 says:

    killing those little tires lol

  31. lncdlt says:

    i so would love to see harris on top gear some how

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