Chris Harris Ferrari 812 Superfast Walkaround | Top Gear: Series 25

Chris Harris talks to Jack Rix about the Ferrari 812 Superfast featured in episode five of Series 25. Find out where to watch the latest series of Top Gear in your country:

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  1. Post By UzzyT

    Who was subscribed to TheHarrisMonkey?

  2. Post By suryadi barli

    Kick me but ………f12 (whisper)

  3. Post By Terry Hesticles

    812 is actually the area code for my city, but I doubt one of these will ever be seen around here, unless it's some rich ass foreign college kid having it, which….happens quite a lot.

  4. Post By GV

    No James, Jeremy, or Hammond? No Top Gear.

  5. Post By LKNANML

    Love coupes. Long nose makes it even better. AMG GTC/R, Vantage, F12, The 812. I refuse to call it Superfast. Stick to the numbers. Plus. Sticking to V10s and V12s in this day and age. All the more special. Gives me more time to stand outside the car to look at it while I fuel it up……

  6. Post By Will Ryan

    Not pretty like the F12, Ferrari like many things has gone into ugly, postmodern design.

  7. Post By stevied2k10

    Ferrari 812 FastAsFuckm8

  8. Post By iHeart GT86 {KatyCat}

    Imagine Chris Harris and James May in a room together

  9. Post By Peter Ökvist

    Talking about a yellow ferrari when there's a red Lambo countach in the background.That's like watcing antiques roadshow hosted by naked double d girls. Antiques..?

  10. Post By Jsmooth264

    Look at all these idiot comments in here if you're reading this YOU CAN'T AFFORD IT. Keep dreaming, closest you'll get to driving one is Gran turismo 7.

  11. Post By Red

    The red Countach on the background is sexier.

  12. Post By Mladen Milić

    How you pronounced word 'pista', 's' sounded like 'z'.Slavs would understand.After all, Ford made 'Kuga'.

  13. Post By Michael McDonald

    I love how Chris didn't just go along with the fake news in the first question lol

  14. Post By TheBoyJenius

    i love the 812 but there is something about F12 that just makes me want that car more . i dont know why. from when i first seen it i fell in love with that car .

  15. Post By Rob Ferreira

    Still waiting for the 812XX

  16. Post By david dykeman

    Why don't you say horsepower rather than bhp? Only the British say bhp from the reviews I've heard/read.

  17. Post By elukok

    Am i the only one that things that modern Ferraries are kind of boring? They dont look that different from other sport cars, no soul, nothing really strikes me. I believe it drives really great and fast as all modern high performance cars, but i wouldnt buy this if i had the money. Maybe as an investment, but definitely not because i would be in love with it. Cars like Pagani Zonda or Koenigseggs are far more crazy and appealing then this.

  18. Post By Darius Hammond

    The 812 will carry the GTO badge. I believe.

  19. Post By Steven Boyd

    Any chance we could just have Chris? Other bloke has punch me written all over him.

  20. Post By Andrea Merlo

    not our fault if you say "panittoni" instead of "panettone", same story with "quattroporte", got bothered by your "uatroporti".

  21. Post By Raphael Kerscher

    I don‘t want them anymore. I am missing James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond.

  22. Post By David Hill

    Looks great in yellow, (Ferrari's should only be yellow or red in my opinion )

  23. Post By nybotor

    My favourite new Ferrari, even more than the 488 Pista, and probably one of my favourite new supercars.

  24. Post By nybotor

    At first, I thought nothing could replace the F12 in terms of looks, but Ferrari has outdone themselves again with this!

  25. Post By Blazed

    matching shoes!! what a legend

  26. Post By W-James

    The lightweight, track version will be called the "812 Super Duper Fast!"

  27. Post By Murad AbuGheddah

    Ferrari Pizda hahahaha

  28. Post By Lynkk

    I just wish they would remake the F355.

  29. Post By valenesco45

    Cars we'll never have….I guess everyone's here for a fleeting dream.

  30. Post By Stupid Flanders

    "Tour de pista" and "EffingFaster" would be fantastic names for future Ferraris. Surprised Chris hasn't been hired by them yet.

  31. Post By Allen Reji


  32. Post By Brembo Z

    Best car with 2 pedals

  33. Post By valenesco45

    Please Ferrari go back with rear engines

  34. Post By Vehicle Virals

    Music to my ears when Chris Harris speaks

  35. Post By Andreas Sander Nielsen Frederiksen (AST 7Z)

    Nothing! Compared to a Zenvooooo!!!!

  36. Post By Miqdaddy Anklebreaker

    24th comment, 160th like!

  37. Post By Naufal Kusumah

    I miss Chris as the journalist, instead of a TV presenter

  38. Post By ValkyrieBSG

    Super fast in italian is super veloce…i'm guessing they couldn't call it that because of Lambo

  39. Post By Pilette alain

    Chris IS the sensei of automotive journalism! wise words from the man ^^

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