Chris Harris sprints the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Short clip of Chris Harris doing 0-62mph in 2.5 seconds in the world’s fastest car, the Bugatti Veyon Super Sport. Launch control activated during this run.

36 thoughts on “Chris Harris sprints the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

  1. sc882tt says:

    ** me, priceless

  2. Mhmd Kewan says:

    Last Week i Bought a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 SS For 4,500,000$.

  3. It's just a notification noise so I don't get what the big deal is….not to mention Bugatti is part of the Volkswagen group, so same family. Cheers.

  4. entry level sedan, and hypercar get it?

  5. well since that was the notification made by pushing the launch control button, it's right on point..but maybe ur sister's Jetta makes the same notification noise as a warning or when you push another button, I get it :)

  6. thats beside the point

  7. Really? I doubt your sister's Jetta has launch control…

  8. my sister's jetta makes the same notification noise

  9. purrability says:

    "F##K ME!" XD

  10. Winter99ize says:

    And there might be in even faster Veyron in the works. 0-60 in under 2 seconds

  11. stealth07r1 says:

    Happy Holidays Buddy!
    This blog was 10 months ago, don't even know why I'm responding to you, except that:

    I was abbreviating the name Koenigsegg to save text characters, & for convenience; & you probably know that!

    Forgive me for mis-representing your precious company few people in mainstream have ever heard of.

    If you want to launch a debate, stronger material might help.

  12. Koenig Specials and Koenigsegg aren't the same company.

    You could at least get the name of the car right.

  13. Strike86 says:

    There is no way that car hit 60 that fast… that's absolutely surreal.

  14. Choice777 says:

    fuck that was fucking brutal..i'm sweating :D

  15. Felipe Alves says:

    NIIIICE !!!

  16. Hakan E says:

    I envy this man!

  17. stealth07r1 says:

    @ namybot… I agree for the most part; and I quite like the Koenig as well. However, in refinement, engineering and prestige, Veyron is still a whole level above Koenig…

    Koenig still very unique and the best looking, best executed of the rest, but it still has a little bit of that "fit together from bits of other cars", kit or custom one off, type of aura about it.
    …all of which are nearly true. The refinement isn't even close to Bugatti…thus the price difference. Both fabulous!

  18. Bubba k 3769 says:

    @namybot Freundler gel kriegst fei glei ane gel wennst so weiter machst!!

  19. Bubba k 3769 says:

    @namybot Good Joke after that i need a Hearing Aid :D

  20. Bubba k 3769 says:

    @namybo yeahh i think the bugatti is luxurious but the Cobra is real Muscle I like dem more!! :D

  21. Bubba k 3769 says:

    Weineck Cobra are faster than a bugatti and 700000 cheeper!! :D

  22. StuRaz says:

    You'd think at the price of that they wouldn't keep the same bongs that you get in a Skoda Octavia.

  23. ssriram87 says:

    EVO is excellent

  24. xUnorth0d0x says:


  25. Nicholas TJR says:

    he said that on purpose so he get to do it again!!

  26. Keep your skirt on Chris…time for a change of underwear

  27. idin1976 says:

    F### MMMEEE tooo!

  28. Chance Cooke says:

    @ashegheaty There are only 9 Supersports I've seen so far.

  29. shbitz says:

    I dont know man , they say only 30 of these cars would be built , but im sure ive seen at least 30 different supersports being test driven on you tube , doesnt make sense .

  30. 7633J says:

    That was awesome. I know this car is fast but that was just crazy.


  32. Mark Dorman says:

    Brillant. F*** me! If an experience journo is caught by surprise….

  33. Fab video, seriously impressed (as ever). Where is the bottle of Coke though?!

  34. DoctaM3 says:

    hahaha.. this was awesome mate!!! just amazing!!!

  35. In all the videos I've watched, he's never had that expression before. Hmm.

  36. lamborico says:

    Chris' expression at the end says it all. Superb!!

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