Classic Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV review

Alfa’s pretty 2-door Coupe first arrived in 1963 and the last model produced was the 2000 GT Veloce version tested here. Does it go as well as it looks? Find out here..
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21 thoughts on “Classic Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV review

  1. Andrew B. says:

    Great vid as usual mate.

  2. 69Phuket says:

    Exactly why it cost 2 Ford Cortina 2000 GXL's…Way more FUN!

  3. A Docherty says:

    Thanks Harry, excellent video as always!

  4. At 6:05 "…sit in the back…", Uh, no, there was a factory original sticker affixed to the underside of the "boot"…it said in essence…" the rear seats are to be unoccupied while the car is in motion". Perhaps it was to assure the owner the car structure won't collapse with the extra weight, or, the handling won't be compromised accordingly.

  5. paul m says:

    Harry, great vid. and nice car. That steering`s scary though! Good luck with the fixing!

  6. Great video and a stunning car. Always had a soft spot for these. I still cannot believe you sold the Griff though!

  7. 1960-1970's were the true sports car years

  8. Andrew Gray says:

    another perfect 10 Harry, love the Persols by the way!

  9. Kostas G says:

    Best driver's car, isn't it?

  10. faisal young says:

    Try and get hold of an Alfa Romero Montreal….a truly amazing car.

  11. Harry, petrolhead master !

  12. Takes me back to when I was 8 years old. My late father had both the 1750 (in White) and 2000 GTV (in dark blue/beige interior). The first car I ever drew. It was event being taken to school in them. Brilliantly designed and pretty car. Thanks Harry.

  13. What a pretty car that is. Daintily brutal. Gorgeous.

  14. Thank you Sir!

  15. Imagilink says:

    Lovely car! I am curious about your comparison with the Alfa Romeo 2.0 Spider from the same period. Which of these two iconic Alfa's do you prefer? These cars differ in design and wheelbase, however engine and kerb weight are the same.

  16. Beautiful.

  17. Chris Straus says:

    I loved your comment about probably killing yourself if you'd had one of these when you were 17…so true! My Grandmother died when I was 21 and left me some money. Naturally, I did what any 21 year old Alfista would have done in 1971…blew it on a brand new GTV 1750 (BRG with tan interior). At the time, I was living in rural New Hampshire and, together with a friend of mine, building a house from the ground up. Every morning, I'd drive us both to work and would make a point of hitting 100 mph on those tiny New England country lanes leading to the work site. That little Alfa loved those winding roads (much like the English country lanes in your video), but it did finally dawn on me that things would end badly if I continued to drive in such a reckless manner…so after a couple of months I traded it for the slowest vehicle I could think of – a Toyota Land Cruiser. It was the right decision – almost 50 years later, I'm still here. But…in my garage there's a 1974 2000 GTV with original paint and fewer than 30K miles that I've owned for 27 years. A couple of readers asked which car was better, the BMW 2002 or the Alfa GTV? I owned both cars, and on one occasion in the late sixties drove my 2002 and my brother's 1967 Alfa Giulia Sprint GTV (precursor of the latter 1750 / 2000 series) across the USA with four friends. By the end of the journey, all five of us agreed that the Alfa was not necessarily a better car, but by far the more charming car…furthermore, in my experience, Alfas of that vintage (I also owned a couple of Giulia Supers in the early seventies) were just as reliable as BMWs if not more so. Oh – one more thing: my daily driver is still a Toyota Land Cruiser…

  18. I wonder if an overly zealous copper will show up at Harry's door and say "you said you were doing 60mph on that road and the speed limit there is 40mph so here in your speeding ticket, have a nice day"

  19. gorgeous little car !

  20. I grew up with a 1750 GTV. It was Grandpa's, then passed onto Grandma, then to Dad. WUK 8G was the reg. When we lived in Shropshire, the farm next door had another Alfa GTV regged WUK 7G (yes, mini-races did occur). We had 3 Alfa Bertones at the same time, still have a photo somewhere of them with us 3 brothers leaning on the bonnets in school uniform. What a way to get driven to school in style. Thanks Harry, this brought back happy memories.

  21. Shane Norman says:

    Nicely-made video. I especially liked the inserts, illustrating your references to other cars.

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