Classic evo video: McLaren F1 takes on evo’s test track

One from the archives: evo’s Richard Meaden takes a McLaren F1 around the Bedford Autodrome in 2006. Quality not great, but worth it for the huge moment at 1:11…

21 thoughts on “Classic evo video: McLaren F1 takes on evo’s test track

  1. Paul Thomson says:

    I absolutely love the f1 but I remember seeing one driven hard around a track and the body roll was epic and looked like it was going to take off on straights . I would love to see a lap time for one to compare with others . my fave is the ferrari f50 it's corners completely flat and I think it would run close if not faster than an f1 round same track

  2. Stevie V says:

    Has the high up mirrors, what does that indicate again, some kind of prototype?

  3. kind of glad Honda didn't give them an engine. the BMW power plant fits quite well. and since this hypercars really unobtainable. I'll just stick with my dream car being half of what the McLaren is being the NSX. even though Gordon Murray Ron Dennis and Ayrton Senna DNA is in both the NSX and the McLaren F1

  4. A 1:21 lap time

  5. Any chance of a high res upload of this video? And do you have more footage? There simply aren't enough onboard videos of F1's being driven by proper drivers. 

  6. This car needs a proper suspension, otherwise it's perfect.

  7. mauro zedda says:

    love the central steering

  8. Ernest M. says:

    V12 man this isnt a Buggatti .

  9. Giorgi Gogua says:

    6,1 BMW W12, revs like bike engin

  10. NBA2knegro says:


  11. The sound of this thing is magnificent!

  12. amazing insight

  13. GOD says:

    My life is now complete :)

  14. Ferrari F40 ?

  15. fap fap fap fap

  16. HDzeen says: EVERYONE'S opinion.

  17. i do believe he was aty more than 45 degrees!
    what an engine!

  18. arkk1 says:

    this is the ultimate street legal car, all these new cars have fancy electronics and gagits in them, this one is just pure serious fun

  19. ScroolLocker says:

    The BEST (super) car ever made. No eletronic gay stuffs, no traction control… Nothing! The BEST interaction between man and machine. Just the man, the machine and the asphalt. The BEST way to feel a car. The BEST driving experience.

  20. He stic

  21. JAS BARN says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!

    More supercars with manual gear boxes please!!

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