Clutches – Explained

What is a clutch and how does it work? This video explains how a clutch works, and how it enables your engine to connect to the transmission and rotate the tires. This video was made as a request from a viewer who was looking for an alternate explanation. I hope this clarifies any issues.

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40 thoughts on “Clutches – Explained

  1. Question, does it wear on the clutch to cruise to a stop in neutral ? I keep hearing this, but I just don't see how if it's rotating with the crankshaft with no pressure on the clutch.

  2. NOTICE: You mean the input shaft of the tranny connects with the clutch, the output shaft aka tail shaft is the shaft that transfers the engine's power via the tranny to the wheels

  3. pranav bhat says:

    What is the use of pilot bearing which is attached to crank shaft??

  4. jordan lewis says:

    Sooo young!

  5. Nyxteros says:

    How does the clutch disc become disengaged from the flywheel though?

  6. DeliciaTrini says:

    Thank you!

  7. max lucado says:

    This guy is amazing

  8. Look how far you've come since these older videos :)

  9. Radu Bortan says:

    One thing I don't understand is how when the pressure plate releases the pressure off the clutch, the clutch also moves away from the flywheel. I understand that the pressure plate isn't putting pressure on it anymore, but the clutch is still supposed to be pressed against the flywheel.

  10. Zi Wang says:

    I really like your video. But something makes me confusing 》》》》 I think that shaft in video is the transmission input shaft

  11. Ky Walker says:

    what is a clutch pedal?
    Is it a break?

  12. +Engineering Explained:I've been planning to buy an R32 from a local importer here in Florida. I've been spending a fair amount of my free time just researching the car in general, just to be sure it is what I want to buy with my first bonus after college. I recently saw a video where someone said that the clutch pedal does not have to be depressed in order to start the engine. Why is this the case with the skyline?

  13. I'm having trouble finding out that when you press the clutch pedal, does the clutch plate move or the flywheel?

  14. Om The Gamer says:

    wow never watched one of your old videos so much has changed lol in a good way, for example, you`re a lot more enthusiastic and "up beat"

  15. Joshi says:

    bro thumb nail is bad …… put an actual clutch which i don't see in the entire video.

  16. Is it better to sit at a light in gear with clutch pedal pressed or in neutral with the clutch pedal depressed?

  17. what is the function of pilot bearing ?

  18. I do understand how a clutch works theres just one thing that gets me and it is the part when you put your foot on the clutch to disengage the engine from the transmission.The release bearing (throw-out bearing) pushes on diaghram spring pulling pressure plate back pulling clutch back but thats where it goes crazy I know it releases pressure but if the pressure plate and clutch plate have same surface how is it moving the clutch away from engine

  19. Dinesh Swami says:

    we can draw this for diaphragm type clutch ?

  20. Vinay Rao says:

    Hi, Is there a way to make the clutch lighter? I own a 2016 WRX STI and sometimes in traffic i feel clutch is too heavy. I would like to make the clutch press lighter so that i can enjoy the car more. Can you please advise?
    Thank you for the help

  21. David Baker says:

    so, i(if i understand this at all!) it is just friction that connects the engine to the gearbox? How does it not slip all the time?

  22. Guys, I still can't understand, why do cars stall when not given enough throttle?

  23. Ch Naveen says:

    love ur vedios man …

  24. Ey man, just a question about clutch burn. I believe what causes it is the friction on the clutch if it's partially and not fully engaged. Does this mean you can't burn the clutch if you ride it on neutral, or if you ride it fully disengaged(floor clutch press)?

  25. Zupprezed says:

    this video is so clutch

  26. Alguien que le ponga subtitulos en español!!

  27. Chase Lanier says:

    awesome this video explains why your engine stalls when you are stopped and dont hold in the clutch

  28. Hello sir,
    We are goiing to design a ATV for Baja student India'17 where we thought to implement the cvt but I need some suggestion regarding this that what are components that we need.
    2.torque converter
    3. cvt
    4.forward-neutral-reverse(fnr) gear box shaft
    7.axle shaft

    please tell me that above list is correct or not ,if not please modify it.

  29. Orcjura says:

    No matter how many of vids about clutches i watch, i still cant understand it lol

  30. Isaiah Odum says:

    can you do a video on a motorcycle/dirt bike clutch?

  31. I still don't get it.

  32. tvs jive clutch operation explain ply

  33. Trayz Vidz says:

    I fully understand it, thumbs up! You should be a professor gr8 work

  34. sk88boarding says:

    i finally understood how it works you're really good thank you.

  35. Nabil Sayeed says:

    is there different flywheel and clutch size standards? or all of the flywheels and clutches are same sizes?

  36. Sonny says:

    So what happens when someone "burns" a clutch by revving to much with the clutch pedal pushed in?? I'm curious to know the science behind that

  37. quick question, can I use a race clutch for road racing and drag racing with the stock pressure plate,or do I have to buy the whole kit,cause I made the mistake of buying a garbage clutch and pressure plate for cheap 105$,and now that I want to have fun (burnouts)I can't transfer power good and I burned the clutch,can I use the piece of shit pressure plate with a good race clutch

  38. there is an interesting variation of the manual shift that has been used in the maruti Suzuki celerio…. released in India recently that claims to have the same fuel efficiency as a manual although it doesn't have a clutch…. could you please make a video to explain how that works

  39. Me Man says:

    Dude…y do u choose Honda?

  40. elr2141979 says:

    did you go to Yale or Harvard University

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