Competition Winner Announcement – Top Gear Live 2009 – BBC

Buy tickets for Top Gear Live here:

Rowland French announces the names of the Top Gear Live competition winners who have won tickets to see the show which kicks off its 2009 World Tour at Earls Court in London on the 5th November. To find out more about Top Gear Live visit

30 thoughts on “Competition Winner Announcement – Top Gear Live 2009 – BBC

  1. prevzzy says:

    the prodigy – omen. i know u asked for it 6 months ago…

  2. @Concordemoment and i want it live in canada

  3. ty ty ty ty!!!

  4. goblinsucker says:

    yeah i got a few

  5. icklehammy says:

    I saw it as well yesteday, Will post a video later. :D

  6. goblinsucker says:

    saw the show at birmingham today it was awesome !!!

  7. What is the first song…? Should have been more specific.

  8. song?

  9. and now we blow up james may whith oliver lol

  10. MrDrift7 says:

    mailman198 Maybe you should check your grammar before talking about those "red necks" :D I wish they would come to the US, I can show them some extremely boring roads to film documentaries on, that way there will be no fun in the show what so ever. Crap I think I made fun by just typing, garrr the bureau is coming!

  11. RLHubner says:


  12. Kazul9923 says:

    ok…well maybe they can just come to the North then =P

  13. Maverick Teo says:

    top gear live is cool

  14. mailman198 says:

    I dont think they ever will, since they we attacked by thoes red necks

  15. Tyncidog says:

    OH MY GOD I WILL!!!!!!!!! Can u pay for my ticket? LOL


  17. Kazul9923 says:

    this needs to come to the US! I want to see it! Not to mention the fact that I have no doubt it would do remarkably well here.

  18. ruppzuck says:

    lol how fancy

  19. ruppzuck says:

    your mother is a shitty song

  20. TimeIV says:

    How do we get the tickets?

  21. ruppzuck says:


    Kasabian – Clubfoot

  22. What´s the second song? :D

  23. that1monkey says:

    What's the song at the very beginning? its really cool.

  24. dylan smith says:

    lol 0:45 andrew hahaha

  25. Bamahut says:

    The Prodigy – Omen

  26. L11M4PU1KK0 says:

    Song @ 0:30

  27. whats that song right at the start???

  28. TimeIV says:

    How do we get the tickets?

  29. Ashish Mohan says:


  30. great work

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