Corvette Racing Doug Fehan Interview – /SHAKEDOWN – TrackDown [1 of 2]

Doug Fehan [Corvette Racing Program Manager] and [Viper Racer] Tommy Kendall share TrackDown duties when Leo Parente and /ShakeDown go to the racetrack. At Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, it’s Fehan’s turn while Corvette and Viper fought a mega battle for the GTE win. Doug picks up from Tommy with his own version of ‘take no prisoners’ commentary as we discuss the 2014 United Sports Car Racing [USCR] series, racing at Le Mans, Corvette C7 technology, and what makes for a successful Corvette Racing driver. C7R details were off-limits via GM dictate, but we’ll get to THAT car soon enough.

Link –
United Sports Car Racing [series] website
Corvette Racing CTMP [Mosport] race results


  1. Post By arvincharles


  2. Post By deggis4

    I have never heard a Fehan interview where he doesn't have that marketing person mode enabled. But then again that is his job.

  3. Post By tundracam

    one of the best interviews i have seen

  4. Post By Mati03x

    Fantastic interview !!! Great Job !!!

  5. Post By 2012FordBoss

    Great interview…really hope the combined series works out, just concerned with all the classes! To many classes will scare off the none educated motor head! Also, isn't getting a draft out by October cutting it a little close with the Daytona 24 race being in January? You have parts to be made, teams that need to test these parts, etc….

  6. Post By Rudy de Leon

    Great interview on both ends!

  7. Post By FunkyBear

    Nice, like always, thanks a lot.

  8. Post By Daniel Foland

    I want to thank you for doing such a consistent exposition of How Winners Think. 25% car, 25% great team, 50% good fortune. You keep interviewing winners and I keep learning something from every video of yours that I watch. Just wanted to thank you and Doug for doing this.

  9. Post By Fleek

    just skip to 10:26 all they do is talk the only motor i wanna hear is from the zr1

  10. Post By Carlos Villalobos

    Excellent perspective from Mr Fehan. Great interview Leo!!

  11. Post By Josh Donivan

    I am all for these "at the track" interviews. Those Skype interviews have nothing on these! More "at the track" stuff please!

  12. Post By fleetfighter

    Always loved motor sports but these videos done by Leo educated me about the racing. Keep up the great work.

  13. Post By GrahamBartle

    I needed a spoiler warning. Well if you know what happened with spa keep your mouth shut.

  14. Post By C Hastings

    Great segment, Leo.

  15. Post By pinoyamg

    It's people like Doug that make people like me buy a Corvette!!!

  16. Post By MrGrenade McBoom

    Great interview Leo. Mr. Fehan is a wonderful spokesperson for his team and Corvette overall.

  17. Post By ytwizzle

    This guy is good at interviewing and I am waiting for him to do the dodge one

  18. Post By dickcheese663

    Every question was perfect. LEO, what else can i say buddy.

  19. Post By yellow6ird

    Great show

  20. Post By SpeedDennis

    How said American cars can only go fast in a stright line?

  21. Post By Stevil Reagan

    To parrot what everyone else is saying: great interview.
    Leo; truly great questions, please keep these coming!
    Fehan is one of the best sources for insight into racing in general, the ALMS and of course – Corvette Racing.

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