Corvette Racing Doug Fehan Interview – /SHAKEDOWN – TrackDown [1 of 2]

Doug Fehan [Corvette Racing Program Manager] and [Viper Racer] Tommy Kendall share TrackDown duties when Leo Parente and /ShakeDown go to the racetrack. At Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, it’s Fehan’s turn while Corvette and Viper fought a mega battle for the GTE win. Doug picks up from Tommy with his own version of ‘take no prisoners’ commentary as we discuss the 2014 United Sports Car Racing [USCR] series, racing at Le Mans, Corvette C7 technology, and what makes for a successful Corvette Racing driver. C7R details were off-limits via GM dictate, but we’ll get to THAT car soon enough.

Link –
United Sports Car Racing [series] website
Corvette Racing CTMP [Mosport] race results

21 thoughts on “Corvette Racing Doug Fehan Interview – /SHAKEDOWN – TrackDown [1 of 2]

  1. arvincharles says:


  2. deggis4 says:

    I have never heard a Fehan interview where he doesn't have that marketing person mode enabled. But then again that is his job.

  3. tundracam says:

    one of the best interviews i have seen

  4. Mati03x says:

    Fantastic interview !!! Great Job !!!

  5. 2012FordBoss says:

    Great interview…really hope the combined series works out, just concerned with all the classes! To many classes will scare off the none educated motor head! Also, isn't getting a draft out by October cutting it a little close with the Daytona 24 race being in January? You have parts to be made, teams that need to test these parts, etc….

  6. Rudy de Leon says:

    Great interview on both ends!

  7. FunkyBear says:

    Nice, like always, thanks a lot.

  8. Leo,
    I want to thank you for doing such a consistent exposition of How Winners Think. 25% car, 25% great team, 50% good fortune. You keep interviewing winners and I keep learning something from every video of yours that I watch. Just wanted to thank you and Doug for doing this.

  9. Fleek says:

    just skip to 10:26 all they do is talk the only motor i wanna hear is from the zr1

  10. Excellent perspective from Mr Fehan. Great interview Leo!!

  11. Josh Donivan says:

    I am all for these "at the track" interviews. Those Skype interviews have nothing on these! More "at the track" stuff please!

  12. fleetfighter says:

    Always loved motor sports but these videos done by Leo educated me about the racing. Keep up the great work.

  13. GrahamBartle says:

    I needed a spoiler warning. Well if you know what happened with spa keep your mouth shut.

  14. C Hastings says:

    Great segment, Leo.

  15. pinoyamg says:

    It's people like Doug that make people like me buy a Corvette!!!

  16. Great interview Leo. Mr. Fehan is a wonderful spokesperson for his team and Corvette overall.

  17. ytwizzle says:

    This guy is good at interviewing and I am waiting for him to do the dodge one

  18. Every question was perfect. LEO, what else can i say buddy.

  19. yellow6ird says:

    Great show

  20. SpeedDennis says:

    How said American cars can only go fast in a stright line?

  21. To parrot what everyone else is saying: great interview.
    Leo; truly great questions, please keep these coming!
    Fehan is one of the best sources for insight into racing in general, the ALMS and of course – Corvette Racing.

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