Corvette Z06 As A Regular Car (Fast Car Slow)

Motorcycle writer Sam Bendall had a track day planned with the Corvette Z06. It was cancelled, so he drove it like a normal car for a few days. Can he keep from being tempted by 650 hp and 650 lb-ft.

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Shot by Sam Bendall, edited by Erica Lourd, produced by Cait Knoll and Andrew Siceloff.

23 thoughts on “Corvette Z06 As A Regular Car (Fast Car Slow)

  1. I Am says:

    This guy is so cringe…

  2. maoristereo says:

    Christ what a douchenozzle. Im pretty sure i hate corvettes now.

  3. Mark Werner says:

    Might be a good idea to put some plastic down if your going throw sandbags in the back of your vette.

  4. nightc1 says:

    I would think practical would involve being able to put stuff in the "boot" and still be able to see out the back window. Still, I've done similar justifications on completely impractical vehicles. Seems kind of dumb parking such a nice car on the street. For an $80K+ car, it deserves a garage.

  5. Personally, I disagree with haters, content is down to earth but I like it! Thank you!

  6. Ozzstar says:

    The Z06 is a beast! I went with the Grand Sport. Making mechanical vids about the car has been fun!

  7. gay as fuck . worst review and shit music choices

  8. Dylan S says:

    Cool car…not sure what the rest of this video is though. Kinda liked it better when chris harris or matt farah would rip around in a car like this. Now we got hipster dave throwing paper towels in it.

  9. 3:40 … and stop watching at 4:00 !

  10. Lol i love this video lol

  11. Bro-iest Corvette review. Fantastic car nevertheless

  12. Mark Ross says:

    What a lame ass vid… Thank god it was only 5 minutes.

  13. Way to to try to create a stereotype of what Corvette owners would listen to…I don't know any Corvette owner that listens to Bon Jovi, AC/DC, etc. Try the Camaro crowd for those. But David Bowie and The Doors- yes, definitely, we listen to good music such as this.

  14. I’d love to see this guy in a real DRIVE production. You can tell he just submitted or filmed a cool video himself and they layered it with some footage they aren’t had. Like I said, this guy was really great to watch. I hope I can see more of him!

  15. Even the lower 18.6mpg doesn't sound bad to me. My Nissan Xterra gets about 16mpg average.

  16. RamenLuLu says:

    Nothing happened

  17. Aslak Zissou says:

    this guy seems like he is GREAT at starting a fight… and crying halfway in the fight screaming "not fair!"

  18. BartelDoo says:

    They should remake the old corvette. Corvettes haven't looked good to me lately.

  19. Pete Medina says:

    Beautiful car and more spacious back in hatch area than I thought would be.

  20. Ian .Page says:

    this is a no from me dawg

  21. Terrible music (how about none) and not very informative.

  22. Hey guys! He’s amazing right?

    Please leave a like and a comment! Thx

  23. Rob says:

    why tf is this dude recording with his potato ass phone

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