Countach wins cup at 2016 Salon Prive

Short clip showing the moment the Countach wins runner’s up in ‘Dream Machines’ class at 2016 Salon Prive


  1. Post By Lisa Krause

    Pals agricultural Does anyone watch smarter this uesult .

  2. Post By Anthony Gannon

    Fantastic turnout , and well done Harry . The Ferrari F40 I detailed for this event won this class and also won best origanal post war car of the show. Also the Lamborghini Miura SV I detailed came second in its class to a Lamborghini factory restoration built Moira .So from a detailers perspective it was a good day at the office. Looking forward to next year.

  3. Post By LoonyGarage

    Congrats! Richard's hard work detailing it paid off.

  4. Post By madjh

    Well done. It is a dream car and it is in perfect condition. Congratulations !!Now we want a new Sahara adventure but in a Lamborghini … only joking, it is so nice … (ʘ‿ʘ)

  5. Post By James FCC

    Congratulations! A bit of credit goes to the detailing work as well I guess!

  6. Post By Skawagon

    Glad to see that detailing deliver the dividend:) On another note, could anyone here suggest a good chanel covering Salon Prive in similar matter as many carspotters did with Monterey Car week?

  7. Post By Will Goebel

    How do I email you? Have many questions on collecting, what's your choice insurance? Where do u keep them all? Should I import something and have you ever done that?

  8. Post By Will Goebel

    Congrats on your win good sir! I'm in Indiana, USA and I have found a rare 30s GM marque that's been out of production for 76 years. LaSalle by Cadillac Division is what I have and I'm 25 years old and want to know what your next pic would be for an under $20k collector car would be? (£12,000-15000)

  9. Post By ElMosqito

    vertical video -.-

  10. Post By saleem waheed

    The judges were payed off Harry! You gotta get to them first!

  11. Post By Cody Anderson

    congratulations harry my favorite car in your collection as well

  12. Post By pistonrod

    Well done, Harry

  13. Post By M0WBK Reviews

    well done.

  14. Post By simes205

    The detailing paid off! Well done.

  15. Post By Kirill Prykhodko


  16. Post By Paul Backhurst

    congrats :)

  17. Post By George Johnson

    Nice one Harry. Well deserved.

  18. Post By M

    Well done Harry, well done Richard great result. Keep the videos coming!

  19. Post By Joe Achilles

    Nice one Harry!

  20. Post By yaakovha1948

    Bravo Sir Harry,good detailing! :)

  21. Post By Monteiro

    I have 3 Lamborghini Countach in my car collection, one white, one red and another red with racing stripes.Too bad they are 1/24 scale car models.

  22. Post By Mark Law

    Congratulations Harry, that Countach is gorgeous….A well deserved award.

  23. Post By Paul Edmond

    congrats, well deserved.

  24. Post By Jonathan Payne

    Congratulations Harry!

  25. Post By merce

    ahh i see you filmed this with the potato

  26. Post By Dan Alexandru

    Congratulations Harry.!!

  27. Post By Aeneas Izichi

    Lovely Jubbly Harry!Great detailing job in the last vid, the car looked stunning!

  28. Post By celt67

    Stop crying about the 'vertical video'… it's not an official Harrys Garage video.

  29. Post By Ethan Sellwood

    Congrats Harry! But what's s Lamborghini Cantash haha?

  30. Post By PH Jeanne

    Congratulations !!

  31. Post By Pelé the Ranidae

    Well done Harry, well done.

  32. Post By Shaun McCormack

    Nice one Arry

  33. Post By Rod Clark

    Congrats Harry!

  34. Post By Memomomomo Mo

    if only you'd taken the silly spoiler off ;-)

  35. Post By Colonal Lingus

    well done sir.

  36. Post By Richard Harrold

    Hello 240p, it's been a while…

  37. Post By Mubble Mann

    Great stuff Harry! (but please don't film videos vertically)

  38. Post By myTheus

    Congratulations! It's a great car.

  39. Post By Luhtaru

    This is why you always put the badge facing forward

  40. Post By Hass. T™

    Congratulations. Well deserved for such a fanastic car!

  41. Post By Rick Palmer

    Well done Harry!!

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