Countdown to the Continental Monterey Grand Prix – Motor Trend Presents

Justin Bell interviews GT Le Mans leader Antonio Garcia as well as GT Daytona leader Christina Neilson on how they plan to prepare for the final two races of the IMSA season.

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24 thoughts on “Countdown to the Continental Monterey Grand Prix – Motor Trend Presents

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  3. Corvette Racing all the way!

  4. I cant wait to start racing ..

  5. Walking dog says:

    He forgot money at the end

  6. Tobyaz1 says:

    Nice **

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  8. Jobo so says:

    They should sell the C7.R instead of a C7 ZR1

  9. Lucario Dx says:

    Chevy and Honda all the way

  10. Lucario Dx says:

    Gonna use the 1 le in that race

  11. Liam Quiroga says:

    That girl is a solid 6 but you throw in Ferrari Racing driver she is a 15

  12. heh…I like how Justin didn't even bother asking either of the Prototype classes any questions.

  13. Car Lover says:
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    Hope you all Enjoy!

  14. Are these kinds of cars street legal?

  15. Boosted Cheo says:

    About their yellow lights is it just film ? Or they swap out the hid oem bulbs for yellow ones

  16. see sar says:

    Agressive or passive agressvie?

  17. Andreas Fris says:

    <3 Christina Nielsen

  18. Victor Hugo says:

    where is nisssan?

  19. ArmyMedicRN says:

    IMSA is always exciting

  20. GETUP AND GO says:

    Darn, didn't spot any Vipers

  21. Jacob Walls says:

    Ford's going to win…

  22. Sick corvette

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