Don’t Buy That $100,000 Car Buy THIS $20,000 Car — AFTER/DRIVE

The classic cars you want have gone WAY up in value. Forget those and have the same fun with these easier-to-own alternatives. (NOTE: Not the Pontiac Solstice…maybe.) Put your own picks in the comments below.

With Michael Prichinello and Zac Moseley from Classic Car Club Manhattan.


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  1. Post By dwight tsanchez

    Zac where do your balls go when you sit like a woman

  2. Post By Mike Barber

    $20K ND Miata. The Answer. Saved y'all 16 minutes. Say thanks in the comments below.

  3. Post By spykesta

    More After Drive! Spinelli more content please!!!

  4. Post By destro513

    Just keep buying cars on BAT and ebay. Leave the deals to the poor folk thanks.

  5. Post By Jst Drv

    Hey guys, you should know that the first Tvr Griffith's (1993) V8 powered sportscars are now 25 years old and eligible for import. They are very quick and very light. And look awesome..

  6. Post By Kelly Krall

    914 not 911, VW Rabbit Cab not VW Bug Cab, Gen 1 Mazda RX-7 not Datsun 240,260,280 Z, Triumph TR-8 not Ferrari 308 and lastly… Post 92 C4 Corvettes are WAY undervalued.

  7. Post By slade420

    dont buy a new 7 series, buy a new Lincoln Continental.

  8. Post By Jake Kaywell

    Want a classic doo-wop era Ford Thunderbird but can't afford one? No problem! Just get a Studebaker Hawk (finned or GT) and enjoy! That's what I did because I don't like Big 3 conform-mobiles as much and I am not regretting it one bit so far. By the way, this was done with $15,000 that I as a 17 year old saved up for over 7 years. PERSISTENCE FOR THE WIN!

  9. Post By dwilsonjr78

    Classic Japanese sports cars are also gaining popularity in the collector car market, but there are still plenty of good buys out there. For example: Instead of paying $20-$30K for a pristine Datsun 240Z, how about a good condition first generation Mazda RX-7(1979-1985) for a still good $5-$10K. Or instead of paying $40K-up for a first generation Acura NSX(1991-2005) or Mark IV Toyota Supra Turbo(1993-1998), how about buying some of the other halo Japanese sports cars available during the 90''s for about $10-$25K such as the FD Mazda RX-7(1993-1996), the Z32 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo(1990-1996), or the Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4(1991-1999).

  10. Post By dwilsonjr78

    Besides the Ford Broncos and Chevy K5 Blazer, there's also the other American full-size SUV, the Dodge Ramcharger.

  11. Post By DDMSteveB

    This video is the internal dialogue I have in my mind a few days a week. Keep it up Mike and crew! I love seeing more of these videos popping up.

  12. Post By Cassette Walkman

    Manual 335i E90 BMW instead of M3 E90. Same for the whole E9x series. My pick is 335d Touring in manual. Chipped and modded the performance actually starts to beat the M3.

  13. Post By Arnold Navarro

    i thought this channel went away im glad it's here but if you get a 996 just do what hoovie's garage did and LS swap it lol

  14. Post By MrNissetuta

    Instead of the BMW 2002 you could get a Volvo P1800. Dunno the price but I think it would be much cheaper.

  15. Post By Burak Kağan Özoğuz

    buy 190sl, not 300sl

  16. Post By Jānis Šteinbergs

    Oh, a fellow Audi A4 B7 in the background :)

  17. Post By Noah Hess

    ls swap miata – track car and muscle car in one!

  18. Post By mmmmuffinman

    You guys had a big hand in raising the value of air cooled 911's and E30 M3's by the way. Douchebags. Now you're telling us to buy Ford fucking Broncos? lol I guess you need more things to talk about.

  19. Post By James B

    Great after /drive video as always.

  20. Post By Che1seabluesdrogba11

    Noice it's been like at least a year since after/Drive

  21. Post By Cameron Keefe

    Prices going upper? I think you guys took some uppers before this shoot

  22. Post By Ken Williams

    What's the Boston's name? I've got one (Roxie) she just chills like yours too.

  23. Post By Michael Cohen

    S2000 over pretty much everything under $100kFiat x1/9 > Countach to get a Marcello Gandini designed mid engine wedgeF-Type > DB9, DB11First gen Cayman > first gen NSX. (If you need VTEC and you do, see the first suggestion)Lexus LS > Rolls Royce Phantom

  24. Post By bbnguyen92

    The impossible burger has hema that comes from plants. Idk if that’s artificial…

  25. Post By Mark Wladika

    Don't buy a Jag E-Type, buy a Triumph TR6

  26. Post By Blake Swan

    It's amazing how expensive used cars are just because new cars are such horrible drives/electronics everything. Wished we had some moderngreat analog cars like the BRZ and 370Z

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