Drag Battles 2014: Coming Soon | evo BATTLES

Battle Wednesdays are changing! Our new drag battle series starts next week.
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37 thoughts on “Drag Battles 2014: Coming Soon | evo BATTLES

  1. GMASTER6R says:

    Straights are there to connect the turns.Bring back the Track Battles! :)

  2. why e63 vs vxll? m5 is better competitior for e63 i think 

  3. can't wait

  4. S Miller says:

    p1 vs 918

  5. egon olzen says:

    exellent! can't wait:-)

  6. john m says:

    Drag battles are pointless. We should have lap battles. Drag racing is for americans who cant drive.

  7. v ln says:

    throw in some hyper cars please =D

  8. Joe Weaver says:

    Why can't the drag battles and lap battles be combined with the same cars into a more comprehensive performance benchmarking? More in line with Motortrend for e.g. which has a really nice format of 0-60, 1/4 mile, braking, figure 8, lap in its reviews 

  9. paulcug says:

    If you want more views, this is the way to do it. Can't wait :)

  10. securityr1 says:

    this is so stupid. which is faster… companys conservatively tune their production vehicles if the wanted to produce all 900 horsepower cars with 2mpg they would. it's all relative and pointless

  11. Juan G says:

    If they don't also do roll on races I AM GOING TO EXPLODE!!! …With ANGER! 

  12. Hanyu Fu says:

    Nissan gtr

  13. Fbi Abo says:


  14. It should start today :(

  15. Iris C says:

    heh whaaat?
    amerika has just finaly found its way around a corner
    & now U're returning to that "biggest **" " swaffeling BS?

  16. William P says:

    Holy fuck I am excited

  17. meady200 says:

    I'll take these, but I'd rather the track battles – really enjoyed them!

  18. ymaniac07 says:

    You use cobra walky talkies don't you?

  19. A. Shaw says:

    Don't change what isn't broken EVO !!!!!!!!

  20. Mr. E says:

    Can't wait for Turbo S vs GTR

  21. No italian cars, not interesting for me tbh

  22. supraman78 says:

    Can't wait!

  23. Not looking forward to
    It because drag race the new audi rs6 vs e63 estate

  24. carlm189 says:

    Need more of this!!!

  25. Nishank Shah says:

    Ah, drag races. The peak of our civilization. Very excited.

  26. The 2014 911 turbo s kicks almost everything in the nuts up to 100mph.

  27. dubai0097150 says:

    awesome work guys really good job ! drag battles , track battles , keep it up

  28. AWRA 69 says:

    991 turbo s will be the BOSS

  29. elyasfy31 says:

    Just there's cars?
    Already saw who won..

  30. shadman1911 says:

    Drag? I am not complaining… but what happend to curves?

  31. Jungle Piig says:

    I ejaculated…

  32. anotherone10 says:

    Looks fun :D

  33. I can't wait! 

  34. i got my money on 911 turbo s and E63 AMG S

  35. alexvage says:

    Battle Wednesdays are changing! …… why? i prefer track battle, but i think this two battles can be complementary

  36. I'm already looking forward to this :D

  37. Henry Benson says:

    Spoiler Alert !

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