/DRIVE CENTRAL – July 1, 2013

A new /DRIVE season is upon us with a new episode of /BIG MUSCLE, /DRIVEN takes us behind the scenes of the MINI Dakar Rally team at X-Raid, and Larry explains the importance of pre-purchase inspections on /DRIVE CLEAN.


  1. Post By Yoan Emond

    We want Matt back

  2. Post By al Banker

    Hey JF, what happened to tuned and matt farah?

  3. Post By Gerardo Inzunza

    Finally big muscle !

  4. Post By Ocean Jangda

    Where is Chris Harris going?? WHY Anyway look forward to the season.

  5. Post By dbauernf

    I spoke too soon. First no Spinelli, then no Chris Harris. I think I'm gonna be sick.

  6. Post By dbauernf

    How can I thumb this up without Spinelli acting like a nutcase?! THAT WON'T WORK, JF!

  7. Post By hendo337

    Alex Roy???? WTF, I want more episodes. Dude is hilarious :D

  8. Post By ToxicHorsePucky

    Car Porn with Larry from Drive Clean

  9. Post By Max k


  10. Post By Ghos7N54

    28 viewers are women.

  11. Post By Ony Saint


  12. Post By Richard Langis

    I didn't know Edward Snowden was a gearhead.

  13. Post By Axel bergström

    thanks for bring us big muscle:D

  14. Post By ascaria10v8

    No Chris harris???? Fuckkkk , i have to wait other fucking week , some times i hate you drive

  15. Post By thecamasintrovert

    JF I think your humor is entertaining enough that you should step out from behind the camera more often

  16. Post By jspr2k5


  17. Post By TheJubala

    The O network? He better be filming Oprah in her Veyron.

  18. Post By Daniel Sjöstedt Ljungdell

    BIG MUSCLE!! Love that show :)

  19. Post By Armando .Peñafiel

    What a great program you've got!! I love it!!

  20. Post By Mohammed Mahyoub


  21. Post By gephross100

    Wasn't Alex Roy suppose to return with Live and Let Drive?

  22. Post By Josh Donivan

    yes please, what song is that, it's amazing!!!

  23. Post By DiscoR53

    I Subscribe to this channel

  24. Post By DiscoR53

    MF,CH, & AR are the reasons

  25. Post By Ian Mason

    Yeah wasn't that supposed to be in season 6?

  26. Post By Alec D.

    He already drove a 60's mustang. Look up the Eleanor video.

  27. Post By YouUbbas

    FINNALY! ive been wanting him to drive a 60s mustang so badly! love those cars..

  28. Post By Esteban Jimenez

    keep JF for drive central

  29. Post By dickcheese663


  30. Post By dickcheese663

    Hellz yeah, another awesome weeeeeek!

  31. Post By Theda155

    Keep up the great content JF, /Drive is the best auto enthusiast channel on YouTube but i gotta ask its been six months and i haven't heard anything about RideApart. Are they coming back this season?

  32. Post By Diabolos1

    I can watch the new episode "The 850 HP E63 by Weistec Engineering – /TUNED " No problems. Have you tried turning it off and on again?

  33. Post By CR Lamb

    Looks like a good week. So is tuned gone?

  34. Post By Diabolos1

    Mike Spinelli has the same hair as James May.

  35. Post By Raajj_


  36. Post By bottomlayer

    Hey JF and Kosilla, I have a suggestion for a Drive Clean episode. How the hell do you get permanent streaks out of the windshield? The streaks are only where the wipers wipe the windshield, and it's like they're permanently in the glass or something. I've tried washing it, using a clay bar, buying new wipers (I use Bosch–no cheap Chinese shit), and NOTHING works.

  37. Post By s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    Matt, I will kill you for no Chris Harris this week. KILL.

  38. Post By Peter Lombardo

    JF, you may have put forward an air of a humorless, boring host, but that last joke… Fuck man, that was good.

  39. Post By Isaac Alejandro Vaca

    Finally !!!!

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