Driving a Dodge Viper for the First Time

Driving a Dodge Viper is loud and everything breaks!


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  1. Post By Rob Heathers

    Did Mr. Regular say he has size-16 feet? Cute face, lovely voice, big feet… I need his Pringles-can-sized cock in my mouth now.

  2. Post By Quinton TV

    Good ole removable windows.

  3. Post By alphazoom II

    I drove one and burnt my leg on that dang exhaust.

  4. Post By Ethan champagne

    The rims look like toy car rims

  5. Post By Eric Pettersen

    I can attest to his big feet. I mean they're pretty damn BIG, that's why he wears new balances.

  6. Post By Ryan Tornai

    that ASMR part

  7. Post By Graham Aker

    Mr Regular passed the door test.

  8. Post By 427Arbok

    The Dodge Viper: Because roller coasters are too boring and skydiving is too safe.The Official Car of dating a serial killer for the thrill of it.Because "Sane" is a four-letter word.

  9. Post By Phillip Rokkas

    Is this slow by modern standards? Cars today easily get 300hp from turbo charged v4’s lmao

  10. Post By Bryan Gushen

    That 1-4 skip shift (GM calls it CAGS) is easy to bypass on corvette/camaro/trans am- it’s a $24 amazon part

  11. Post By LeadFootLiam

    Literally same key as my bosses old dodge work van lol

  12. Post By tankd0g

    What the hell happened to this car? Man that thing is rough. Not that it was that great to begin with. This looks like a kit car out of a canoe factory and it was $56,000 in 1994.

  13. Post By Joe Strohmenger

    Have never been impressed by the sound of V10's, they all just sound olike 6cyls lol

  14. Post By Brian Catt

    I'm glad you cut the excess off the zip tie… otherwise that would of been a real garbage repair!

  15. Post By Ryan Adam

    Most nigger-rigged viper on the planet I bet. And that's not a good thing

  16. Post By David Duarte

    American cars are such pieces of shit.

  17. Post By Stianofp

    Takumi shoes

  18. Post By Ram Runner

    My caravan had a great turning radius

  19. Post By GETUP AND GO

    It actually has a great turning radius…I just floor the gas in mine and I'm turned around in no time

  20. Post By 5jjt

    Wow; 6E? That's wide.

  21. Post By TrevorG

    Regular zip-tie reviews

  22. Post By BadLuckBen

    Regular vlog reviews

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