Dulcich Joyride: His Triumph TR7 – Roadkill Extra

It’s another installment of the Roadkill Extra series where Steve Dulcich hops in a random car on the farm and takes you for a spin with some road-test reviews and wild rides. This time we visit Steve’s English-car kink as he reveals a passion for his Triumph TR7.

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  1. Post By Corvus Laeus

    Dulchich's driving stance is legendary, reminds me of Elwood Blues every time

  2. Post By BuzzLOLOL

    They didn't stop at "TR7" with the 4 banger, had a TR8 with the 1951 designed Buick all aluminum V8 taken over by Rover… also an earlier TR6 with inline 6 banger… Dulcich should take it easy, those MG's/Triumphs with long stroke British engines need complete engine/tranny rebuild about every 25K miles… USA spec engines are seriously detuned from European spec engines… My MG Midget has the real Buick aluminum V8 transplanted into it… a V8 that's actually lighter than the original all iron 4 banger… along with a B-W T-50 5 speed tranny… BTW, Cadillac had multi-point EFI earlier… in 1975… on Cadillac V8 engines and on Olds V8 engines in smaller Caddy Sevilles…

  3. Post By ImForwardlook

    Gotta love Dulcich. I am shocked to see that he owns an import though…

  4. Post By Tony Harris

    Buckle up for safety…

  5. Post By racer98

    small block swap.

  6. Post By poot111111

    Anyone else surprised he hasn't crammed a dodge small block into it yet?

  7. Post By Ken Creten

    Awesome. Best review video? Or, Best review video ever? You're review reminds me of conversations I have with car friends.

  8. Post By Go BIG or go home

    i had a 72 toyota celica xrally car i use to beat on , flat black with roll cage rally tires and alloys , street rego , with Hemi headed 1.8 Liter push rod inline 4 5 speed man ,.it had a huge cam so big sounded like a rotor at idel people would say is that a rotor ? ,twin carb 45mm solex webbers fucking thing screamed ,i rebuilt the motor but others had blue printed it had heaps of head work ,,, what a blast it was to drive on forest roads ,one night out on the back roads a old datsun 510 1600 came up behind me pulled out to pass, i was already hooking along , we raced for 20klm of winding back country roads in pitch black , fuck it was exciting ,my girl was in tears hated me going fast , but he never got passed , lol

  9. Post By Nick Amarit

    What needs to be done to make an engine that stops breathing past 5k to be able to comfortably hit the 6.5k redline?

  10. Post By hugieflhr03

    I have to say Ducich has no problem thrashing his cars and everyone enjoys a good thrashing!

  11. Post By hugieflhr03

    Bump that timing up and check the fuel pressure

  12. Post By SnakeyUk08

    Would love to be able to say its one of Britain's finest but sadly not, but glad Dulcich likes it and it appears to work better than 99.9% of unrestored Tr7s back in the Uk lol

  13. Post By butlerproman

    For some odd reason, I'd like to see Dulcich rob a bank and use the TR7 as a getaway vehicle, running from the coppers.

  14. Post By David Burke

    TR5? Really? TR7 with a v8. Is called TR8

  15. Post By American Tyranny

    RoadKill Dulcich! Powered by Hyandai

  16. Post By shot forshot

    He and Frieberger are likeable guys…. but neither are qualified to change oil on my lawn mower.

  17. Post By jasonsteiner57

    Man, I wish I had some mopar 360 heads ported by Steve dulcich.

  18. Post By NoOne Smith

    I love European sports cars

  19. Post By Cana box

    That man bun is gay AF

  20. Post By Robert Kähler

    Ive scrapped so many of those in my Dads breakers yards in South London, UK… That one is worthy of putting a 5.0 mustang engine in , change the suspension and taking it autocross!

  21. Post By Graham Crompton

    You should try a Triumph Stag. Nice little V8 :)

  22. Post By Ismael Tenenbaum

    it is really funny how you have to explain to Americans what Triumph was

  23. Post By Spencer Branting


  24. Post By Mr. F

    If you mute the audio, the video is ok. This guy is no replacement for Finnegan!!!!

  25. Post By Josue Paz

    This dudes awesome

  26. Post By Andrew Hudson

    This is pretty damn cool. Can I be the funk side kick??

  27. Post By Trevor Hohmann

    'It's laying some scratch' haha. On a side note, I am pretty surprised that little four banger spun the tire without revving the sh*t out of it then popping the clutch.

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