Dulcich Joyride: Hot Rod Garage’s C10 – Roadkill Extra

Here’s a great crossover: Steve Dulcich of Roadkill Garage is gonna show you a road test of the 1967 Chevy C10 pickup that was recently built by Tony and Lucky on the Hot Rod Garage show. The guys turned a longbed into a shortbed and installed the all-new QA1 suspension. This truck was recently absorbed into the Roadkill fleet, as you’ll see in the next episode of Roadkill Garage.

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  1. Post By Joggles McPooper

    Haha "metrically endowed" Dulcich is a trip

  2. Post By ImForwardlook

    Dulcich is the Man!

  3. Post By a1duzit

    Dude Dulcich is so cool

  4. Post By mopowers2 P

    Needs moh powa!

  5. Post By Kelten Chyz

    dulcich is the man!!!! mint!!

  6. Post By Mike Audette

    I wonder if some part of him thinks its 1967

  7. Post By slinq

    is this Scotty kilmer long lost brother?

  8. Post By Joey Nelson

    I get a kick outta this guy lol he's ok

  9. Post By Finn Michiels

    fill little discovery bible wall lost yeah eye secure fabric oxygen.

  10. Post By Joe p

    They need better music. I love the show and him losing control in that turn was funny. But there's allot of dirt in those roads so that combined with an empty bed, worn tires and a lack of steering makes losing control inevitable. Bro needs his own segment.

  11. Post By Austin Reynolds

    Haha, show of driving around doing great fun and illegal things. Sounds great!

  12. Post By Abigail Ward

    Enforce judge defense need payment liberty horse normally reverse.

  13. Post By Apollos 02

    Had one of these when I was 17, wish i wouldn't of sold it. I'm 34 now.

  14. Post By Bandana zX

    Alrighty. Don't need to watch the HRG episode now.

  15. Post By philthyco1

    the lwb is far better

  16. Post By rcoveyduc

    Metrically endowed lol

  17. Post By randall jr Benoit

    That dog is fuggin fast

  18. Post By Samsonsuperco

    I really like these videos. Just Dulcich ripping around some backroads. Super casual.

  19. Post By Kevin S

    Steve Dulcich, is the Mister Rogers of roadkill garage! he is an amazing human being.

  20. Post By David Cohen

    Steve Dulcich is AWESOME! He's got the same temperament of a fighter pilot or astronaut.

  21. Post By Jose Castellanos

    That place looks like its in California

  22. Post By The Biomechanic


  23. Post By Trevor Hohmann

    This guy kills me. He seems like he just doesn't have a clue but yet he kind of does.

  24. Post By ramairgto72

    The tape really help the GoPro suction cup?

  25. Post By blanchae

    That truck needed a lot of work to get it going in the right direction. Enjoyed it until one of your fingers get caught in the steering wheel returning to the straight ahead position.

  26. Post By James Avery

    Lol aint nothing with acting like an idiot

  27. Post By jdmeaux

    At first when I saw the camera on the right side of the bed, I thought Lucky forget to take off the hose when he filled up the tank.

  28. Post By Monte Stu

    “The tires are dry rotted and cracking..”. “Let’s see how fast I can go around a corner!”. Say what???

  29. Post By Ohhdanyboy

    Middle of nowhere, he ain't gonna hurt no one. Grape vines and Almond trees maybe.

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