Engineering Explained Update – Project Integra, Car Reviews, and 27 AWD Vehicles

Taking a ride in the 2015 Subaru BRZ Series.Blue, I give an update on what’s going on with Engineering Explained. There are three major updates at the provided timestamps below.

Project Integra – 0:40
Car Reviews – 3:06
27 AWD Cars – 9:34

Subaru BRZ Review –

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29 thoughts on “Engineering Explained Update – Project Integra, Car Reviews, and 27 AWD Vehicles

  1. dawicked2k8 says:


  2. CarNut .kiwi says:

    Awesome videos :-) make sure your check out my vids and subscribe! Thanks :-)

  3. Has making these videos affected you conversational skills :P

  4. Umar Abrar says:

    I like this new Engineering Explained

  5. Project Integra


  6. luis bonilla says:

    nice project, you just cant get rid of your first car. I am also making a race car out of my first car.

  7. Dan Bert says:

    I like the car reviews, personally. All your videos interest me.

  8. car throttle dropped me off here

  9. SwagMaster2K says:

    Holy Jesus. I can't believe I've watched tons of your videos and never knew you lived anywhere near me. I thought I recognized the backroads, and I confirmed it after I saw Angels Rest… That's Crown Point correct?! O;

  10. omg this boy is so sexy

  11. You remind me of Csaba Csere. I mean that in the kindest way possible. He's one of my all time favorites.

  12. Kev Green says:

    K-swap the integra plsssssss, even NA would be worth it. Expensive but once set in stone your window of opportunity to power is endless and resale value increase andd all is just better haha. You won't regret it and you know you want to (;

  13. You are the best car reviewer, but now I am extremely confused. Are you in your twenties or in your "forties" as you said in a different video?

  14. Zach Walker says:


  15. Raptor says:

    Keep doing car reviews!!! It's so refreshing to get an engineer's unbiased perspective on a car rather than have a bland dude tell me that 0-60 in 11 seconds is "peppy"

  16. AAsearles says:

    Hi Jason. Thanks for all the contributions you've made in creating the EE YouTube knowledge base. Re: project Integra, thought I'd mention I've had the pleasure of building and racing a '93 Integra for 24 Hrs of LeMons and Chumpcar series. Visit my channel to check out the car, and feel free to send a message if any questions. Looking forward to more EE vids; best of luck with your upcoming car reviews!

  17. Whats the diference between the brz blue sereis and the regular one?

  18. Lei Yu says:

    Hi Jason, I just want to say great job on your car ed videos. I discovered these recently and LOVE them. Keep up the good work.

  19. I do like each and every single video you do, every video teach me something new. Dont leave it and keep it up.

  20. Darkhorse87 says:

    I'm enjoying the new content being put on the channel along with the usual Wednesday vids. Your perspective in the car reviews is different & refreshing.

  21. mrzoperxplex says:

    "Old Engineering Explained"?  What is that the program from two months ago?

  22. Alex Nguyen says:

    Awesome channel, I like all aspects of it.

    Since you're at the awd/4wd event. I always wonder actually what is the difference between awd/4wd. What is the difference between locking the center differential vs having a locking rear and/or front diff.

    How does a transfer case work and how does it offer a set of "high" gears and a set of "low" gears.
    What about folks that run double transfer cases…. Woo

    Also I really enjoy watching Formula 1 technology! Maybe throw in some MotoGP too!

  23. You sound like Bill Nye fam. Respects tho dude, great content.

  24. Too much negative camber, words that have never come from an Acura or honda owner :p

  25. Sean Cady says:

    Any thoughts on teaming up with MotoIQ to make more in depth videos on car parts and tuning?

  26. I just came here for Project Integra :)

  27. JMRC says:


  28. We would greatly appreciate a review of your Integra. That would be awesome to hear your opinion on a 90s sports car.

  29. Project Integra Challenge: You make your teg fast enough to out-corner and outrun an Acura CL Type-S w/ the 6-speed.

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