Exotic Cars at Prius Prices – /ROAD TESTAMENT

Exotic cars at Prius Prices. Eric Rivera from GT Academy joins Alex Roy and Mike Spinelli in the studio to discuss rare and exotic cars that can be had at cheap prices.

19 thoughts on “Exotic Cars at Prius Prices – /ROAD TESTAMENT

  1. tojiroh says:

    Alex Roy doesn't give a shit about the comments. Why should he? He drives a fucking Morgan 3-Wheeler!

  2. 11033066099 says:

    Guys,….Alex isn't THAT bad,..damn lol

  3. Mike F says:

    1991 NSX now $35,000 on KBB. :(

  4. Che Campbell says:

    Who invited baldy?

  5. " All in Canadia" You mean Canada you fuck

  6. 95% of the comments here are hating on the bald guy

  7. joe healey says:

    Chisel nizzle drives a vw beetle. He likes young boys

  8. 582AIR says:

    Get the third guy a mic!

  9. useless bit without farah…….

  10. Really, not even a mention of the fiat X1/9? Bertone-bodied mid engined Italian sports car you can get mint for 8-10 grand. I can't think of anything more exotic for the price.

  11. ßaron says:

    A Maserati 3200 gt can be bought for less than 10K.

  12. Völl Däpp says:

    NO BMW is exotic. Per definition.

  13. Zarock says:

    Alex Roy is such a douche!

  14. ITILII says:

    Watch the nambla video and see in that fruit loop doesn't somewhat remind you of the douche in the turtleneck

  15. Dan DeLuca says:

    what about the gen 1 dodge viper! amazing iconic supercar can be had for 25 to 30

  16. David Armao says:

    The deutche bag in the turtleneck needs to be fired. he obviously isn't a car guy because he has nothing nice to say about any car so far. he acts like all these cars are gonna be hard to work on but i seriously doubt he even changes his own oil smh

  17. lol Yamaha engine? Damn turtleneck

  18. Ivan Grbavac says:

    wow you guys are unlikeable…

  19. UsernameUser says:

    Citroën SM? I'm so glad someone went there.

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