Ferrari 288 GTO Fires Flames!

The Ferrari 288 GTO firing flames from its exhaust pipes! The 2.9 V8 engine is twin turbocharged produces 400Bhp and was the predecessor to the Ferrari F40.
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The only modification this car has had is the addition of these huge exhausts!


  1. Post By pioAdrenalina

    gopro barbecue

  2. Post By bc1969214

    Didn't the original 288 GTO exhaust have four pipes (dual exhausts with two pipes each side)?

  3. Post By Matthijs Gerretse

    F40's predecessor? I think rather the 599 (GTO Link)

  4. Post By Rory King

    Left bank running a little rich

  5. Post By CHUUMPASS

    high performance cars with a high hp output run rich, and have a high compression ratio, so when you let off the throttle (e.g. when changing gears) some unburnt fuel passes through the exhaust valves and exits through the exhaust, which is not seldomly very hot, so the energetic exhaust gases/unburnt fuel ignites, hence flames coming out of the exhaust tips out back. 

  6. Post By TheLordIsMyStrength

    looks nice but actually a sign of a bad combustion design

  7. Post By Vasco Af.

    The GTO is known to be a flame thrower but…I think 5sec. flame is made buy a sparker in the exaust.Therefore my Beemer would do the same, if tuned for it.

  8. Post By André Pedrosa

    check out wankel rotary engine bridgeported throwing flames… that sure is a flamethrower..

  9. Post By Rene Büchel

    Nur gut,das die Autos die du fährst,mehr können wie du!!

  10. Post By Rene Büchel

    Nur gut,das die Autos die du fährst,mehr können wie du!!

  11. Post By Nikolai Vedeler Amundsen

    nice video

  12. Post By Blaze Kush

    2 spark plugs and 2 coil packs and a button in the car, when you rev it up then clutch hit the button and flames, old school trick

  13. Post By defenix909

    My all time favourite. If I could pick any car in the world, this would be the one. It screams "Enzo Ferrari" all over, made with passion by very passionate people. Congrats to the owner of this work of art.

  14. Post By andrew1jl

    so how do you get all cars to burn this much fuel.. cuz if mine shot flames, id spend the extra money at the pump

  15. Post By jorehir

    That's true fuel economy: the car burns as much fuel as possible to become lighter, thus more efficient.

  16. Post By chiccocruz

    Ferarri 288 GTO defines new term in the automotive world: Flame happy.

  17. Post By AnObeseGiraffe

    They don't make them like they used to :)

  18. Post By vkgiotis

    the improved Countach QV with 455 hp came out in 85 though

  19. Post By theunknown302


  20. Post By N3dR

    Good surround on this audio.

  21. Post By netrioter

    the Countach came out in 1974. The Ferrari 288 GTO came out in 1984

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