Ferrari 288 GTO Flames!

Flames coming out a Ferrari 288 GTO

33 thoughts on “Ferrari 288 GTO Flames!

  1. Fake

  2. Johny Gold says:

    just let tax the rich . I understand why he uploaded videos with a exclusive cars , cus he doesn't pay the tax

  3. Moge jedno feerari ??? ;)

  4. Kip Kip says:

    What in the fuck is wrong with the comment's section here?

  5. twin turbo gto the one Eddie irvine use to own

  6. Amazing flames!They should have called it the Ferrari Spitfire :D

  7. mais ou est la video de la F40LM est ou? ATTENTION C EST UNE VOITURE D HOMME!!!!

  8. snkdog1 says:

    I would call it on fire.

  9. FixItStupid says:

    Like it ..Thank you ! Just rich on the fuel on the shut down rpm just the way u want it cool cylinders. For the next hit lean out fast rev love it!!! Thank you

  10. hello Tax The rich 100
    Magnificent videos with your attractive ferrari, said I kept silent Taxtherich100 has no ferrari too to offer me because my dream it is to have one of it. Merciiiiiiiii

  11. Xhiang Wu says:

    Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

  12. Peter Krone says:

    Rich in paradise :)

  13. IT CAME!!!! ohhh!!!

  14. Corrupt says:

    Very efficient explosions.

  15. How about another 288GTO video? I love this car!

  16. CrazyCrypto says:

    This is how it is to be a real BOSS.
    I wish I had one of his cars.

  17. DGPF says:


  18. if only group b wasnt canceled…

  19. Ares says:

    One of the best looking ferraris ever made. In my mind.

  20. Gullible swine

  21. MJ-Works says:

    love this car! always have, always will!

  22. Langtry613 says:


  23. Alex Gable says:

    Wer and really see what it's extremes are

  24. Alex Gable says:

    @TaxTheRich100 I know you guys probably don't look at your comments cause of the people who are complete douche bags for no reason but my favorite car in the world is a 1967 Shelby gt500 and I know that it's very difficult to get your hands on one but after watching the Ferrari Enzo offroading video I figured you guys, of all people would be able to rent one and I was curious if that could be a topic in one of your next few videos, just doing whatever in it really but I just want to hear its po

  25. Alec D. says:

    Oh why's that, because I call out insane Communist bums like yourself? I guess my comment doesn't make much sense. See idiots like you don't do anything, aren't worth anything, and don't have the intellectual capacity to produce anything, so how could you be overthrown? My apologies…shit head.

  26. phoq yu says:

    alright for the rich and the dumb fucks…but you're included in the later category mtf

  27. Alec D. says:

    How about we overthrow the dumb fucks, aka you?

  28. very little backfire noise

  29. commie bastard

  30. OverthrowTheRich

  31. Awesome collector's car… Would if I could!

  32. tmashcars says:

    that is out of this world! great video keep up the good work

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