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    Click here for the full review:

  2. Post By Dmitry L

    This is the best review of the 812. Just shut the f up and let the car, the camera guy and the editor do their best

  3. Post By Eric Smith

    Your views are so weak on average over a week per video. Any chance you can step your content up?

  4. Post By Matt Ess

    That was great – could you do it with one of the F-Types?

  5. Post By P-Man Stolle

    Were is the guy that did all the XCar reviews

  6. Post By SnakeyUk08

    Short but sweet as they say , sometimes no words are needed cheers :)

  7. Post By Juraj Benak

    That's some superb editing! Well done

  8. Post By MrStefano218

    Love this car, probably the best, or one of the best

  9. Post By Angel Agrinsoni

    This car sounds like heaven.

  10. Post By myles adams

    Yea catchpole i like this video your let the car speak on its own

  11. Post By 93455Driver

    That was awesome! What a car.

  12. Post By paouvous

    Most cars sound better from behind as they move away from you. This as well as the F12 before it sound better as they come towards you, from the front. The induction noise is absolutely bonkers!The way it builds revs with 3rd gear… the crescendo towards the end!There are many perfect sounding engines… the V10 on the Carrera GT and the LFA for example. But somehow I think the Ferrari V12 sits on top. …there I said it!

  13. Post By Mubble Mann

    To all the plebs who gave this a thumbs down, stop watching car videos! You're clearly not petrolheads or car people.

  14. Post By Brian Messemer

    Umm…okay. A music video with some Ferraris in it. Not to my liking. Don't get me wrong, I'm a musician myself and I love music. But I didn't come to hear marimbas and drums, I came here to hear the sound you get when you cram a bunch of zoom h6's in and around the engine bay of that Ferrari. That is the "music" I came for. Don't forget the purpose of the video guys!

  15. Post By Devansh Royal

    Ferrari in the video = instant like

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  17. Post By Montenegro Montenegrin

    The best car of 21st century:V12,N/A,800hp,9000rpm and its Ferrari

  18. Post By Max 44

    How it's meant to be driven!

  19. Post By BrainFuck10

    Intoxicating combination of engineering and passion!Bravo to everyone involved!

  20. Post By Alexander White

    Shore lover drive gfcdg bar hurry peer myth Palestinian progress beautiful.

  21. Post By Celeritate7

    music ruined it, imagine this without music it would be perfect

  22. Post By Monopoly Billionaire

    0:26 what are those?!

  23. Post By Henry Catchpole

    Thank you for all the comments on this. Really glad so many of you enjoyed it and felt it gave you a glimpse into what it's like to drive an 812 and ramp up the speed and aggression through the manettino settings. I know it's a bit different and I accept that not everyone is happy with the edit, but if we don't try new things then we'll never progress. Better that than being staid in my opinion. The video with me talking should be out today. Just to warn you, it's more of a diary of my thoughts on the car rather than a review as we decided to put 90 per cent of our efforts (and the very limited time we had with the car) into doing something different – this short film being the result. Anyway, thanks again for all your support – it's much appreciated.

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  25. Post By kempowarrior

    I can't really hear or enjoy this beautiful and intoxication exhausts note from this Ferrari because of the music in the background.

  26. Post By sgabriel

    Why is the silly music mixed to be greater in presence than the sound of the engine? I'm baffled.

  27. Post By Brandon Stokes

    The best car review video I've ever seen.

  28. Post By Caleb Baker

    Henry, you always make the best reviews. Out of all the writers for this channel, I think the content that you provide really takes it a step above the others. Keep up the excellent content!

  29. Post By Jason Stutes

    Great "perfect bite" approach. You get a sense of what it is like to experience what is potentially one of the last front engine v12's without all of the commentary. Way to be a little different and top notch.

  30. Post By Jeremy Hansen

    Few things in my experience speak to a man's soul like finely tuned automobile unleashed on a back country road with a furry known only to those who are unafraid to approach the limits in a disciplined and altogether exhilarating quest of speed and precision. Long have I bowed at the altar of speed, and have often dreamt of days filled with sunshine and gasoline. An intoxicating blend of rubber and steel carving it's way along the tree lined roads, the intense focus of the eye divining a path few would dare. The look of utter terror in the eye's of my friends pleading for a vehicle ahead to slow the pace to one that can be understood by those who are not aflicted by this need for speed.

  31. Post By Lawrence Lo

    Doing a review on it?

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