Ferrari Enzo, F40, F50 & 288 GTO – Top Gear iPad Magazine

288 GTO, F40, F50, Enzo – a simple mix of letters and numbers, but four of the greatest Ferraris ever created. We drive them at the Top Gear test track.

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Filmed and edited by Smudge Media

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24 thoughts on “Ferrari Enzo, F40, F50 & 288 GTO – Top Gear iPad Magazine

  1. Petru Leu says:

    That transmission showing on the gto is ugly, looks like car hemhroids

  2. Respect!

  3. HeHoZy says:

    That grey Volkswagen Bora is a little bit out of place at 1:14

  4. grazyna wit says:

    i tremendously love the ferrari enzo

  5. James Evans says:

    F40 and 288 gto simply beautiful timeless cars

  6. David Lam says:

    Great Passat completes the collection

  7. Yiming Li says:

    I want it all

  8. King Clarky says:

    O love Ferrari's

  9. I'll always remember the day it happend…. Watching a video of four gorgeous Ferrari's and then I saw her! The most beautiful car i have ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on! She was a sultry grey hatchback that suddenly and unexpectedly rolled into the scene evoking feelings of passion and desire I heretofore had not thought possible. She made only brief appearances to allow some lucky photographer to inexplicably shoot the four red Italian temptresses rather than the maddingly sublime beauty of the chariot in which he currently resided. And then…..gone. She simply vanished without a trace. No nameplate, no badge of origin., just, gone. My life has lost all colour and purpose. I shall never love again!
    No, but seriously that GTO is the most gorgeous car ever made! I fell in love with her in 1985. Too bad she is sooooo flippin expensive!

  10. desjardins4 says:

    If I had to pick one, and only one…F40.
    If I could pick two…Mclaren F1, to go, please…

  11. Peter Lewis says:

    Forget your Enzo's & LaFerraris, and the rest of the modern era nonsense, the best Ferrari to come out of Modena, was this 288Gto.

  12. Saggy Pants says:

    Would`ve been fun to see the 288 GTO do rally. Too bad they killed group B off. The same goes for the porsche 959.

  13. Jack Scott. says:

    Who still misses Jeremy, James and Richard?!

  14. hamid reznor says:

    2 years and i still dont know what song/background music?

  15. Joa Channel says:

    a top merda porque terarao o Jeramy

  16. 1. F40
    2. Enzo
    3. F50
    4. 288 GTO

  17. MR JABZ says:

    288 GTO

  18. HanMeel 23 says:

    1- Enzo
    2- F40
    3- 288 GTO
    4- F50
    I'm not saying the F50 sucks, I would take 1 over a F430, it just lacks the passion of the other 3 (it still has lots, but not enough when compared to the other 3)!! And the Enzo, man, it's a beast!!

  19. I always wanted to at least see an F40 in real life. Don't think that wil ever happen.

  20. ONE FB says:

    is this how heaven looks?

  21. f50 was rubbish. Should be replaced with 458 then they're perfect. people just take the f50 cause its old and the 458 is still in production. all that means to me is that its a living legend. I mean clarkson may and hammond would NEVER have put the f50 there they loathed it just shows how they made the show. it can't work without them. evans owns more ferraris but doesn't know nearly enough about them. ps should have lent them his 250 california too but probs cause its black didnt

  22. MarlonMax says:

    over 6000 love Ferrari and 222 can't drive .

  23. Leptospirosi says:

    The shear sexyness of the 288 GTO is breathtaking!!!

  24. Some damn fine cars!

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