Ferrari Enzo in motion – Ferrari Enzo Drifting

The Ferrari Enzo does burnouts, power slides and some drifts all in Slow Motion. Filmed at 240fps
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20 thoughts on “Ferrari Enzo in motion – Ferrari Enzo Drifting

  1. Sumanth K S says:

    Classic Slow Mo! Cool……

  2. MrRUSINA says:

    This is still the best video I've ever seen

  3. one of the best

  4. Pape Ix says:

    This is the definition of car porn!

  5. Pijen says:

    this look like a 4×4 truck advertisement, but with a Ferrari Enzo instead :D

  6. I vomited and climaxed at the same time watching this

  7. pobres autos denle en su madre

  8. fhhfgj says:

    Finally somebody who is worthy of owning that car. Fuck Pebble Beach!

  9. vlad the lad says:

    stone chips on an enzo, bet the paint work is fucked on that car,
    and the carbon underneath has gotta be in a right state.

  10. ferrari n.1!!!!!
    great video!!!!

  11. hexagon523 says:

    The great Ferrari Enzo, what a stunning masterpiece of engineering. Love it!

  12. KHD says:

    i love the video :3 
    but what's the song name?

  13. Mihail Lungu says:

    Songs name ? :) 

  14. Langtry613 says:

    Lmao.. How he keeps these beauties so clean living in a filthy grounds setting is beyond me lol.

  15. I bet Ferrari cringes watching these videos :D

  16. Game Chanel says:

    What play's music in this video? Tall me pleez names music?

  17. I don't know what is the fetichism of this guy. A Ferrari Enzo is a supercar that is designed for beating time laps on circuits. Not for drifting/doing burnouts. Not for ride in dirt and rocks. Dot. But if this guy wants to scrap his 1,2M$ and 399 only made Ferrari by rolling it in dirt, it's his choice, but I disagree this. Much. Buy an Impreza if you want to do burnouts and drift in dirt. Not an Enzo.

  18. Can I go on a ride along

  19. MrCrubsy says:

    i reported this video because it's pornography

  20. At 1:01 the front looks like it's messed up

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