Ferrari Enzo in motion – Ferrari Enzo Drifting

The Ferrari Enzo does burnouts, power slides and some drifts all in Slow Motion. Filmed at 240fps
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  1. Post By Sumanth K S

    Classic Slow Mo! Cool……

  2. Post By MrRUSINA

    This is still the best video I've ever seen

  3. Post By RC Fun & more

    one of the best

  4. Post By Pape Ix

    This is the definition of car porn!

  5. Post By Pijen

    this look like a 4×4 truck advertisement, but with a Ferrari Enzo instead :D

  6. Post By Brooks Family

    I vomited and climaxed at the same time watching this

  7. Post By Elihu Racing Team

    pobres autos denle en su madre

  8. Post By fhhfgj

    Finally somebody who is worthy of owning that car. Fuck Pebble Beach!

  9. Post By vlad the lad

    stone chips on an enzo, bet the paint work is fucked on that car, and the carbon underneath has gotta be in a right state.

  10. Post By Francesco D'amore

    ferrari n.1!!!!!great video!!!!

  11. Post By hexagon523

    The great Ferrari Enzo, what a stunning masterpiece of engineering. Love it!

  12. Post By KHD

    i love the video :3 but what's the song name?

  13. Post By Mihail Lungu

    Songs name ? :) 

  14. Post By Langtry613

    Lmao.. How he keeps these beauties so clean living in a filthy grounds setting is beyond me lol.

  15. Post By Barnacules Nerdgasm

    I bet Ferrari cringes watching these videos :D

  16. Post By Game Chanel

    What play's music in this video? Tall me pleez names music?

  17. Post By Olivier Savard

    I don't know what is the fetichism of this guy. A Ferrari Enzo is a supercar that is designed for beating time laps on circuits. Not for drifting/doing burnouts. Not for ride in dirt and rocks. Dot. But if this guy wants to scrap his 1,2M$ and 399 only made Ferrari by rolling it in dirt, it's his choice, but I disagree this. Much. Buy an Impreza if you want to do burnouts and drift in dirt. Not an Enzo.


    Can I go on a ride along

  19. Post By MrCrubsy

    i reported this video because it's pornography

  20. Post By George Peppard

    At 1:01 the front looks like it's messed up

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