Ferrari Enzo Killers – Issue 156 Promo – evo Magazine

Ferrari Enzo v Audi v Ford v Subaru might not sound the fairest of battles.

But the three cars the Prancing Horse faces here aren’t run-of-the-mill. The Audi RS3 Sportback, Ford Focus RS Mountune and Litchfield Subaru Impreza Type-20 all boast 330bhp-plus and traction to spare.

On twisty alpine roads, can they give a bona fide supercar the fright of its life?

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23 thoughts on “Ferrari Enzo Killers – Issue 156 Promo – evo Magazine

  1. craig pinto says:

    What ever happened in this comparison Evo?

  2. Carlitox b says:

    Nooooo I need to know how it ends

  3. BfmvOwnz1 says:

    Enzo killers? Hell no!

  4. Shy laja says:

    @ccosglj yes i mean it. i know you were also thought it might be a fake promise. Listen to this, even my friend got his used car for extreme cheap price from this site. its worth a try here >>

  5. AlphaZorks says:

    But the Enzo's low center of gravity, superb handling, super lightweight (1255kg) and more power out of corners there's no way you could keep up with this grade of supercar.

  6. jlcmiles says:

    Man… I was really expecting to see the Focus blistering down the finish line at 450 km/h and claiming the prize. THAT's the bit they cut out!!! :-(

  7. MaxInSoCal says:

    Yea because 90% of the time the drivers of the super cars have no fucking clue what theyre doing.

  8. i wouldn't underestimate the ford focus rs, it got 305 hp on the front and the rs500 got 350 hp (most powerful FF car ever)

  9. There is a video of a Porsche 996 vs motorcycle vs jet fighter in Serbia, search it on YouTube

  10. cardude1992 says:

    haha lol i bet no one bought this issue of the mag lol

  11. Here is the better comparisons:

    Enzo Ferrari vs Lamborghini Reventon

    Subaru Impreza WRX STI vs Mitsubishi Lancer Evo

    Ford vs Citroen

  12. Low FG2 says:

    harry is the shit

  13. blazehoodz says:

    ur wrong bro, these cars are all made with modern technology and with better knowledge and materials. the enzo is an 03 production supercar. so if u really wona compare these hatches with supercar, compare 12 plate hot hatches with 12 plate supercars and watch the sheer disappointment form ur own face

  14. MSS KITS says:

    Funny reading some of the comments here however when you have owned a few Supercars and yet the hot hatches of today can easily, and some cases, outrun you on streets or track then there is no reason not to also own a hot hatch or better still get rid of these expensive garage queens. I did and have never looked back. Sure, an Italian V12 or V8s sound fantastic however my reason for owning these were access to speed and handling that only these cars once upon a time offered. No more today…!

  15. Silverarrow says:

    I would take any Ferrari over these ugly square boxes even if it's top speed was only 70mph and took 2 mins to get to 60

  16. Blog'n'Vlog says:

    Valid point, however consider this. In your £20k hot hatch you're not thinking about putting your £1m+ supercar over a cliff edge or into a wall. In your £20k hot hatch the only thing you're going to be thinking about is beating a supercar, therefore you're more likely to push 10/10ths in the hatch whereas in the supercar the owner is most likely not racing at at all. He is probably just toying.

  17. they should test the car.. offroad track..

  18. Senkol Z says:

    is this a joke !!

  19. you compare that cars with enzo?…very funny

  20. Abarth26 says:

    The Enzo eat them all, destroyed it!

  21. Mythic Pilot says:

    LoL !

  22. haarsje says:

    Guys, it's a promo for a magazine. Be happy with what you get. They have numerous video's that are beyond good so they've got some credit.

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