Ferrari F40 GT Farmkhana

Ultimately the Ferrari F40 GT spins up its twin turbos for a spot of Farmkhana!


  1. Post By SlayeCohen

    The first gear is on the second gear, and the reverse is on the place of the 1º gear!? Fuck me, i would totally screw the back of this car haha

  2. Post By PharaØ GaMiNG

    Wait did it crash at the end?

  3. Post By Nigol T.


  4. Post By lina ays

    Salut c'est moi

  5. Post By 20 Meals A Day

    Troll channel

  6. Post By 22Rokzar

    I cannot look at a light blue and white Ferrari );

  7. Post By Mauro Nigro

    why?why you stopped doing this…sigh!

  8. Post By Roni Sembiring

    Who is thia guy actually ??

  9. Post By Anon Nymous

    That sound sends shivers down my spine! The sound of the last proper Ferrari, the last car Enzo signed off on.

  10. Post By Robin B

    Best channel of the World!!!!

  11. Post By pokejag 04 garage

    Always accepting donations

  12. Post By Jon


  13. Post By froot6g

    interior is garbage

  14. Post By gerekappo

    The correct way of owning cars.

  15. Post By Burak Beduk

    really crash? OMG!!!

  16. Post By CoinDoctor1

    Project Gotham Racing!  5000 Kudos!

  17. Post By 殷銅澤

    What happen of end

  18. Post By YOTBTUBE

    Seriously, You burnt It?

  19. Post By ThunderAppeal

    Where are you?!

  20. Post By c0nstrictor

    This gentleman has way too much money and time…and I LOVE it!! Please put out more videos!

  21. Post By Brian

    So wait is this a Ferrari f40 LM/Competitizone or is GT different than those? Cause I can't find anything about Ferrari f40 GTs, just LM's.

  22. Post By rafael hewitt

    ahhhhh its so good to see a young rich person who knows how to drive a real car properly and still wears classic chucks instead of all this stupid yeezy bulshit

  23. Post By Alex_ AE86

    Absolutely incredible!

  24. Post By BurntCrumbs

    1:00 I see the go pro

  25. Post By Nicola Montori

    A Ferrari F40 GT should be on a track, not driving at 30 mph on some sketchy country road, SMH :(

  26. Post By Fan4ManUnited

    Come back. Please

  27. Post By Tipo

    If this GT was really smashed up and. along with the prototype going up in flames, I think maybe it's about time you stopped fucking about, that's 2 gone. Certainly, never reveal yourself and then go to Italy, you won't be leaving.

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