Ferrari F40 GT Farmkhana

Ultimately the Ferrari F40 GT spins up its twin turbos for a spot of Farmkhana!

27 thoughts on “Ferrari F40 GT Farmkhana

  1. SlayeCohen says:

    The first gear is on the second gear, and the reverse is on the place of the 1º gear!? Fuck me, i would totally screw the back of this car haha

  2. Wait did it crash at the end?

  3. Nigol T. says:


  4. lina ays says:

    Salut c'est moi

  5. Troll channel

  6. 22Rokzar says:

    I cannot look at a light blue and white Ferrari );

  7. Mauro Nigro says:

    why?why you stopped doing this…sigh!

  8. Who is thia guy actually ??

  9. Anon Nymous says:

    That sound sends shivers down my spine! The sound of the last proper Ferrari, the last car Enzo signed off on.

  10. Robin B says:

    Best channel of the World!!!!

  11. Always accepting donations

  12. Jon says:


  13. froot6g says:

    interior is garbage

  14. gerekappo says:

    The correct way of owning cars.

  15. Burak Beduk says:

    really crash? OMG!!!

  16. CoinDoctor1 says:

    Project Gotham Racing!  5000 Kudos!

  17. 殷銅澤 says:

    What happen of end

  18. YOTBTUBE says:

    Seriously, You burnt It?

  19. Where are you?!

  20. c0nstrictor says:

    This gentleman has way too much money and time…and I LOVE it!! Please put out more videos!

  21. Brian says:

    So wait is this a Ferrari f40 LM/Competitizone or is GT different than those? Cause I can't find anything about Ferrari f40 GTs, just LM's.

  22. ahhhhh its so good to see a young rich person who knows how to drive a real car properly and still wears classic chucks instead of all this stupid yeezy bulshit

  23. Alex_ AE86 says:

    Absolutely incredible!

  24. BurntCrumbs says:

    1:00 I see the go pro

  25. A Ferrari F40 GT should be on a track, not driving at 30 mph on some sketchy country road, SMH :(

  26. Come back. Please

  27. Tipo says:

    If this GT was really smashed up and. along with the prototype going up in flames, I think maybe it's about time you stopped fucking about, that's 2 gone. Certainly, never reveal yourself and then go to Italy, you won't be leaving.

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