Ferrari F50 in motion – High speed camera

The Ferrari F50 follows on from the Ferrari Enzo video, drifting, sliding and locking up; all captured with a high speed camera.
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The Ferrari F50, the successor to the Ferrari 288GTO and the Ferrari F40, is the predecessor to the Ferrari Enzo and the next LaFerrari.

21 thoughts on “Ferrari F50 in motion – High speed camera

  1. Victor Nag says:

    Idk j don't have a Drivers lisence but I feel the f50 is better than f40! For one it has an f1 engine already making it Super cool. Second I think they look equally good (just in different ways) and the f50 sounds 100000 times better!

  2. I remember saying the f50 was bad…

    …I was wrong

  3. sidewayssam says:

    Take my hat of to the young lad, very confident and an impressive collection that I would kill for, how has he made his fortune?

  4. in case anyone was curious, you can pick up an F50 starting at around 1.5 million USD

  5. HellzNord says:

    F50 is sexy time car. Much love.

  6. omg that shot from behind in slow motion when you see the engine. :o

  7. Roman S says:

    avesome clip…thxxxxxxxxx

  8. I can't belive they wreck it. and the 13 year old died that's soo sad.

  9. M42 Garage says:


  10. eres el mejor ole ole ole

  11. Brais says:

    My girlfriend doesnt like those rims, I suggest you to change them.

  12. says:


  13. Crash Beatz says:

    0:31 i just jizzed

  14. EqwanoX says:

    so beautiful

  15. Em BW says:

    Ferrari F50, Testarossa and Lamborghini Diablo had a place in my heart when I was 7 yrs old.
    F50 & LaFerrari have the best design ever !

  16. ferrari forever!!!!!

  17. dan McClaren says:

    After watching the Netflix series "narcos" , it makes me wonder if behind all those barns and land there's is…you know. Drugs and stuff.

  18. Amazing video…!!

  19. hexagon523 says:

    Such an amazing and gorgeous car! I've always loved the F50. It's simply perfection on four wheels.

  20. 0dyto0 says:

    jajjajajjajaj the end! the best

  21. The best Ferrari ever built.

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